The Sauganash Fourth of July Parade, 2016

The annual Sauganash Fourth of July parade generally starts at 9:30am and proceeds from Sauganash Park to the World War II memorial at Forest Glen and Peterson. Firetrucks come first.

Including older firetrucks.

Then the local scout troop.

Vehicles of all shapes, sizes, and ages.

Our neighbors from Edgebrook put in an appearance. The lady on the right is one of the owners of my beloved Happy Foods.

The Chicago Police Department’s bagpipe corps is always featured.

The local Girl Scout troop also participated, along with some of our four-footed neighbors.

Local businesses took part including Whole Foods, a currency exchange, and an exterminator.

But most importantly our neighbors. In Sauganash “parade” is a verb not merely a noun. Our neighbors come in all shapes, sizes, and ages and represent every race of humankind and a dizzying variety of national origins.

And the 2016 Sauganash Parade has ended.

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