The Race to the Bottom

George Soros’s op-ed at the Guardian argues that Russia will act to hasten the European Union’s inevitable demise. I think that’s about right.

However, I think he underestimates the Russian people’s tolerance for dysfunction. Russia has always had a dysfunctional economy.

I also am not convinced that the Europeans need Russia’s help to be distrustful of Muslims. There’s nothing like half a millennium of oppressive occupation by the Caliph or being attacked every few years over the period of a millennium for encouraging mistrust. Under the circumstances I’m not sure I’d call it “Islamophobia”. The astonishing thing is how well the Greeks have treated their guests from Syria, Iraq, etc. The Greeks have been saints.

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  • Ken Hoop

    I understand that somehow Soros is supposed to be a critic of Israel but how is it that he posits a conspiracy by Putin to flood Europe with
    Muslim refugees when it is America’s wars in large part for Israel which have resulted in the flood?

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