The New Front in the Information War

It appears that a new front has opened in the information component of the war against Islamist terrorism. French ISP’s have agreed to block subscriber access to sites containing a number of different sorts of content:

The Associated Press is reporting that all French ISPs have reached a deal with the national government to block subscriber access to content that includes child pornography, promotes terrorism, or fosters hatred. The plan would apparently involve a government-run blacklist of websites populated based on user complaints. Extreme content could also be forwarded to the judicial system in France or Interpol.

The validity of using a blacklist of user complaints depends on the users and how their complaints are treated and verified. Such a blacklist could be used to block genuinely objectionable content but it could also easily be used to block messages a small but vehement and coordinated minority might object to.

I neither read it nor link to it but is Jihad Watch a hate site? Is it likely to be blocked in France under the new agreement? If so, the Enlightenment is really and truly dead.

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  • According to some, any blog or website that supports military actions or does not tow the multi-cultural/tranzist line is fostering hatred.

    This deal is dangerous because it only relies on the good faith and integrity of relatively few persons.

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