The Marchers

Have you noticed that the solutions to school shooting being proposed by the young people who will be marching this weekend are maximalist ones that impinge upon other people’s freedoms and force other people to change their behavior rather than more narrowly tailored changes that impinge on their own freedoms and cause them to change their own behavior?

I’m in favor of ending or even curtailing school shootings. If we really wanted to accomplish that, we’d be looking at solutions like metal detectors at school entrances, guards, and searching those who enter schools rather than disarming millions of people who are merely exercising something they consider a fundamental right and will never go into a school and shoot them up.

It seems to me that looking elsewhere for solutions rather than at ourselves is a characteristically American affliction these days. It explains all sorts of things from celebrities taking private jets to environmental conferences to the invasion of Iraq to school shootings to the tolerance of Harvey Weinstein and other predators of his ilk by the Hollywood glitterati.

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  • Gray Shambler Link

    Did anyone tell the marchers congress is in recess? Nobody’s there.

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