The Limits of BMI

Every time I read an article that cites BMI, like this one in The Economist, on how we’re getting fatter, it always strikes me. My lean body weight is higher than the standard for my height for being overweight. That means that, using BMI as a gauge, with 0% body fat I would still be overweight.

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  • Clearly, Dave, you need to work on becoming taller.

  • The old wisecrack about not being overweight but being undertall actually applies to me. If I were proportioned like most people, I’d be about four inches taller. My body is long (or my legs are short) relative to my height.

    When I was in high school and college my friends tended to be around 6’5. When seated our eyes were at a level. Standing they towered over me.

  • Mr. Dave has a lot of backbone.

  • sam

    Perhaps the BMI thing is overweighted:

    In ‘Obesity Paradox,’ Thinner May Mean Sicker

  • I have actually been working out very seriously to lose weight. I’d like to get my body fat % down to the 10-12% range and if I did that and actually add some muscle to replace some of the fat I lose, I’d end up with a BMI that would still indicate I’d be over weight. So it is not a good metric in all cases.

    No doubt right now I have weight I need to lose, but relying only on the BMI can lead, IMO, to unhealthy results in some cases.

  • michael reynolds

    My excuse is that I have an enormous head. Really. I buy XXL hats. Size eight, which barely exists. So, much of what reads as body mass is actually brain and skull bone. It’s all head.

    Well, that and the beer belly.

  • I knew it. You’re the Big Giant Head.

  • Drew

    What? Michael unilaterally employing the bonehead excuse?

  • michael reynolds

    Actually my head did play a role in a Sean Connery movie.

  • Andy

    Omg, I’m not the only one who saw Zardoz.

  • michael reynolds


    I’ve seen Zardoz at least three times. One of the great cult movies. Connery in a loincloth, cheezy sets, a sort of pre-Shyamalan twist, silly profundities all scored with Beethoven’s 7th, second movement.

  • Right now, I weigh some close to 95 lbs. Pure fire.

  • Well, not as good as any South Louisiqna girl.

  • Sorry, TB.

  • Where y’all come from, Mamou?

  • Where do you stay?

  • If you wont’t speak up, you’re redlined.

  • I know Dave to his house number.

  • He’s on the Google map As am I.

    I plainly don’t care anymore.

  • Omg, I’m not the only one who saw Zardoz.

    Nope, I saw it too. Great late night television movie, IMO.

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