The four types of dog vomit

It’s an oldie but a goodie. I don’t know the original source of this but it’s pretty wellknown to dog lovers.


Dog runs around the house and hides under furniture while making a prolonged ‘uuuuurka-guuuuurka, uuurka-guurka’ noise. (This noise is the only thing guaranteed to wake up a true dog lover who is hung over from a post dog-show celebration at 3:30 a.m.) After mad scrambling to capture the dog and drag him outside, the episode ends with an inaudible ten yard slimy yellow froth from the living room rug to the back door.


Dog exercises hard and (a) eats large mouthfuls of snow (winter Blap Disease) or (b) drinks a bucket of water (Summer Blap Disease). Within two minutes of returning inside, the dog spews out large amounts of clear slimy liquid while making a distinctive ‘blap’ sound and a sharp percussive noise as it hits the linoleum.


Dog suddenly clears his throat with loud and dramatic ‘gggaark, gggark’ noises generally followed by prolonged ‘iiiksss’ and then loud satisfied smacking noises. There is nothing on the rug. Don’t investigate, you don’t want to know.


Apropos of nothing, the dog strolls into the dining room and waits till the innocent dinner guests are all watching him. Then, with a single deep gut wrenching ‘raaaalff’ dislodges the entire weeks’ contents of his stomach on the dining room rug.

Variation: Then he eats it.

In all the above events the dog is entirely healthy and indeed deeply pleased with himself.

I mentioned in the previous post that it’s snowing here in Chicago. We’ve already had our first Winter Blap.

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  • Hunter’s digestive system is sufficiently rugged that I have never known her to produce any variety of canine vomitus.

    The cats, however…
    The worst is when one of them inhales a batch of dry food, snakestyle, and then regurgitates it, digested only enough to form a coherent lump of recognizable colored shapes.

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    Your intense descriptions of the vomiting involved in dogs inspired us to write 4 songs about hardcore massachism.


    dog vomit will put up posters for your website on every stage of our tour

  • JT Boswell Link

    My 12 year old german shorthair pointer has had vomiting yellow clear liquid for approximately 3 weeks. It started as a small amount of clear yellow vomit as car sickness. Has had Science Diet Senior as dry dog food. Last week went to vet and all bloodwork normal including feces. Eva has lost 4 lbs. since 07/06. Vomiting has continued at least once daily and 2 times yesterday of large amount of mucousy yellow foamy liquid and appears when salivating. No undigested food has been vomited. Have been giving her 5 mg Pepcid AC twice a day and while able to eat continues with clear to foamy yellow vomit. GSP dog friend suggested Canidae dog food Platinum soaked in water/broth for better digestion and am slowly adding to diet 1/4 Canidae in dog food at present. Eva will not eat rice and boiled chicken. No table scraps and have stopped dog biscuits and Trader Joe dog vitamins.
    History: In 07/06, GSP acutely ill and could not keep food down. In Emergency Room for a weekend due to severely elevated liver enzymes and possible pancreatitis. Eva had a ball of grass in her stomach which appeared to be obstructing. Negative ultrasound, negative stomach biopsy and no real diagnosis. Fluids and antibiotics worked.

  • casey Link

    I can’t say i know what is wrong with your dog, but it does sound familiar. My dog started with yellow foamy vomit about 2 years ago. It reoccurs every couple of weeks or months. Now it has progressed to yellow mostly orange mucous, and she usually vomits up her feedings. Mostly she will have a couple good days, couple bad days, all days getting closer together. I have recently noticed she is throwing up an average of 5 times per day, mostly outside. No one seems to know what is wrong, 200$ / month in vet bills and we are facing thousands in ultra sounds, and scopes that i don’t think we can afford. Anyway, i hope that yours does not progress to this, and if you learn anything please let me know
    good luck

  • PMAYS Link

    My dogs vomit is white and very thick like fleam. This is the first time he has done this, he is a 5 year old dashhound. he has done this about 5 times this morning

  • katie Link


    how is your dog doing now. Mine did the same and is now very sick with kidney disease

  • elboogie Link

    my dog, a pit mix mutt, just started the completly fluid yacking on this morning. multiple pukes earlier in the day and an extra amount of licking her chops…since this evening she seems ok but i should see more before i decide to take her in to the vet.

  • mflaker2000 Link

    Coco is 4 weeks into her yellow vomit, shaking 2 days good/2 days bad mystery illness. I was referred on to teaching vet school. My 2 year old Silky is my life. I just want to do what it takes to get her feeling better. Can anyone advise?

  • lajb Link

    MAKE SURE you get your dog checked in light of recent pet food recall.

  • Judy Link

    My 4 year old male pit vomits yellow, slimey stuff about once or twice a week, urka-gurka style. This does not occur before or after eating. He does try to eat it, but I don’t let him and clean it up quickly. He is otherwise in good health with normal activity level, normal weight, and a good appetite. All shots up to date and fecal samples always normal. No stomach bloat or flatulence. We have never fed him canned dog food. He eats cooked hamburger or chicken every night, sometimes with a small amount of cooked brown rice. His dry food is not on the recall list. We occaisionally give him cooked veggies, broccoli or green beans. A small piece of bananna or apple in the morning. Other than bringing a vomit sample to the vet, what can I do? We have limited financial resources.
    Thank You

  • Judy Link

    Hav your dogs been tested for allergies? What about toys? Don’t let them chew on plastic toys or other toxic toys that can be swallowed.
    Sometimes a change to a bland diet, like cooked hamburger and rice helps.
    Are there toxins in the yard or home?
    My friend’s Doberman is allergic to red meat. That’s why I ask about allergies.

  • Heather Link


    Broccoli is a toxic substance. It can cause vomiting.

  • My shih Tzu vomits very thick white several times a day but otherwise seem just fine. It looks like white cold. Does he have allergies?

  • Laura Link

    If you research what is REALLY in pet food, you would never feed it to your dog again. My dog was vomiting too…food allergy to whatever is in pet food. My vet suggested a diet of white rice mixed with cottage cheese. I thought for sure my dog would walk away from this dish but he loves it… and does NOT throw it up. He gets homemade peanut butter dog biscuits..and pizza crust. Try the rice and cottage cheese you will be surprised and it has all the protien the dog needs. Be sure your dogs kidneys are tested also. If all is ok try this diet..

  • nellie Link

    I have a 1 year Newfie and she has started vomiting water — no food, grass, or anything else — just water — 1 or 2 times a day. Usually after she jumps on my bed (I’m tired of washing my bedding) or when she’s strolling through the house. She’ll pause, throw up the water, and keep on going. This has been going on for several weeks. I noticed she had tape worms a couple of weeks ago and had her wormed, but the vomiting didn’t stop. She eats well, but scarfs more “people” food and cat food off the kitchen counters than she eats her on food (Nutro). I’m not sure if I should be worried or not. Suggestions?

  • Susan Link

    Nellie, It could be megaesophagis. Check with your vet

  • my boston terrier is almost 6 months, he vomited more then 15 times today… however apart from the vomiting hes seems healthy and full of energy,im gona wait till the morning and go see a vet

  • bren Link

    My Boston is 11 months old. All shots up to date. She has been vomiting today..yellow pleugh and lots of it.
    She is drinking water as normal and eating. I feed her freshly cooked chicken each day with a little EVO dry food (made by Innova).
    She is active and no fever. She does sneeze occassionaly. I live in California and it is hot here. She is happy and lively as normal, except for the vomiting spells. I am also waiting before going to emergency vet.

  • lia Link

    My terrier mix, 8 yr old, is also having vomiting – white, saliva looking, thick. Has been yellow at times. This is the second episode in a month. Took to vet yesterday, all vital signs OK. They wanted to put her on an antibiotic. I did not see the wisdom in that, so I decided to wait a couple of days. She will eat and drink water and vomiting seems unrelated to that. She does not vomit up food. (No recall on the food we have)
    Any ideas?

  • dee Link

    6yr boxer with VALLEY fever(18 months treated with fluconale sp? 1xday) recently had heat exhaustion is now vomiting water with white thick foamy particles. She eats rice/chicken (rick) a small amount with small amounts of water in the morning. She refuses any food past noon but continues water. Daily around 4 o’clock she begins to vomit. Tonight it was 5 times the discharge contained small amounts of the morning rice and chunky white foamy. Her liver levels are elevated and she is on antibotics/s-adenosyl. problem is other than her vomiting is how to give the pills to her as she up-chucks everything. thanks

  • Bucklan09 Link

    My 3 year old terrier/pointer mix has been throwing up 3-5 times a day for about 3 days. It started the yellow bile phlem, but now it’s a dark yellow, almost orange, gritty substance. We have changed his dry food, not the brand but the flavor, in the last couple weeks and ever since he doesn’t want to eat, has been getting more and more lethargic, and vomits more often. Last year at this time he had an allergy attack that made him retch and vomit mucus almost constantly. The vet had us give him OTC Benadryl (1/2 tab 2x daily) and within a week it was completely gone. This newest bout is different. I’m going to change his food back to what we had before, but I’m questioning if the vet should be considered.

  • name for the dog, Bud Link

    My housedog is not eating his own dog food, he vomits white and yellowish slime. He seems to be constibated too. He drags himself around, not playing like he used to. He’ll be 4 yrs. old this Oct. He sometimes to eat scraps, but he’s not touching that either. His shots are up to date.

  • marie Link

    My 4 1/2 month old boston terrier vomits up that yellow slimey stuff every once in a while I’d say maybe 3 times a week. He seems fine and energetic but he sometimes won’t eat his food- only small amounts- we started him on puppy chow which he rarely ate so we switched to IAMS smart puppy small and toy breeds. He really liked it at first but now we’re back to the same problem. When he was about 3 months he got walking pneumonia so the vet did all the tests and x-rays and he didn’t have megaesophagus or any of that. What could it possibly be????

  • karina Link

    For all those ‘waiting’ before going to the vet, if your dog vomits more than 4 or 5 times in the one day get it checked out!!! NOW! i waited and nearly lost my pure bred kelpie pup as a result. canine parvovirus was the cause its a killer, signs and symptoms may be just vomiting and its the dehydration from vomiting thats dangerous

  • Diane Link

    Our 13 1/2 yr. old golden has been vomitting all day just yellow liquid. Vet not sure why. He gave her pills to calm her stomach down which haven’t worked yet. She is so thirsty, she keeps looking all over the house for her food and water. When can I start giving her a little water?

  • Michelle Link

    my dog is vomiting up water and not eating what is wrong

  • Cazie H Link

    hahaha, I just read this and I my three dogs have done all of the above.
    I love your descriptive passage on the 4 kinds of dog puke. I can’t stop laughing.

  • sebastian Link

    PLEASE HELP… I have a 6 month old pomeranian pupppy and at 12 weeks she started vomitting the yellow and white foamy vomit and rushed her to the vet.. we gave her pepcid for a week and that didnt work then they realized she had giardia then i gave her panicur for two weeks but she continued to vomit so then i gave her two more weeks of panicur was tested and came back negative on giardia but continues to vomit almost daily so then we gave her flagyl for two weeks and shes been off medication for a day and shes back to vomitting. especially when she drinks water or eats she vomits her food.weve been in and out the vets and im considering a different vet now.has anyone gone through something like this? let me know if anyone has any suggestions or knowledge??

  • Jesse Link

    Jesse a two year old “goldie poo”, has had the familiar gargling sound for much of his life. He has at times ralphed up to 7 or 8 times in a day. We feed him in smaller intervals and wait 15 minutes before feeding the second half.
    He isn’t lethargic and appetite is always good for the most part. Common symptoms as many of your readers have made memntion with only liquid being brought up. He drinks tons of water a day, sometimes with his head in the bowl for a good minute or two. It’s winter here in Ontario and outdoor vegetation is frozen, he chews many of the dormant vines or sticks and believe that this may contribute to his unsettled stomach. Any information on Golden poos and the stomach problems they have inherit to this breed would be appreciated.

  • Dance Link

    Glad to hear mine is not the only dog with this issue. My year old Dob/lab x has started vomitting clear dark yellow liquid. Seems to be once every couple of weeks in the middle of the night, on an empty stomach. I have started making a chicken stew complete with veggies, flax, glucosomene (sp?) and omega 3 (for the winter dry skin) which seems to have cut down on the vomitting. If he eats anything with red meat of any kind he gets diarreha and becomes sluggish, but chicken and Turkey seem to give him energy and bounce…and it’s cheaper than canned food!!!!

  • Annie Richmond Link

    Hi my dog has been vomiting 1-2 times a day for over a week now. But she stopped yesterday. Her blood test results are normal as well as xrays and fecal exam. She is very lethargic and eats little sleeps most of the day. We’ve been to 4 vets who have not been able to help diag this. What could it be?

  • Allison in Chicago Link

    Annie Richmond,
    I have similar issue…did you find a solution?

  • Allan Link

    HELP…My 1 yr old Cairn terrier started vomiting a white, slimy, foamy mucus. He used to be very active, run around the house and chased things, now he has so much mucus accumulated in his throat that it is difficult to breath or run. He vomits about 10 times + a day and it is a full time job to clean that slimy stuff from the floor and carpet. First I took him to my vet which offered antibiotics which did not work, then I tried changing his food but that did not work either. A week later I took him to a pet hospital where they did full tests, bloodwork, xrays and all seemed fine, the hospital also offered stronger antibiotics that didn’t work either. It has been two months now and he’s getting worse, sometimes he fights and twists gasping for air. If no vet is competent enough to offer solutions I have concluded that the best solution for this pup is to be put to sleep. I have spent lots of time and money on him. Any helpful advise will be greatly appreciated.

  • dixie Link


    My 1 year old golden doodle is doing the same thing – regurgitating white slimy foam. But this is a result of a condition that she was diagnosed with. It is called megaesophagus – when the esophagus muscle is not functioning properly to flush out water, saliva and food onto her stomach. Anything that is stuck on her throat will be regurgitated later. Please have a vet see your dog and get him checked for megaesophagus and/or myasthenia gravis. An x-ray of his esophagus could determine this. You could also read all about it in the Yahoo Group for Megaesophagus. There is a lot of things you need to learn on how to deal with it. But most importantly now is to prevent your dog from having Aspiration Pneumonia which my dog unfortunately caught due to the food/water particles being inhaled back into the lungs whenever she regurgitates. So my advise is to go back to your vet, have your dog checked for aspiration pneumonia, get an xray and see if it is a problem with the esophagus. Hopefully it’s not. Good luck.

  • Sophia Morgan Link


    my 3 1/2 mth cavalier/poodle (cavapoo) puppy has been sick since he was flown in from missouri by the breeder to l.a. where i am. he’s been treated for coccidia n giardia but the latter doesn’t seem to ever go away. the vet says that it’s the birds that we have in the house (it’s my mom-in-law’s) tt keeps getting him reinfected becoz apparently birds seem to be asymptomatic carriers of giardia. it’s been 2 mths now n he’s still sick with giardia. he’s been given panacure and his shots are up to date. im terrified the constant meds may harm him or that he wont ever get cured. i’m also at a loss. may have to sell him although i cldnt imagine life without him. he hasnt vomited though. just diarrhoea and bloody stools. hope ya dog gets better. let me know if it has…

  • Julie Link

    My 6 mos old Alaskan Malamute has vomited the yellow mustard sauce consistency 5 times today. He only has ground beef and rice with a natural/organic kibble to eat…what could cause this? Could it be something in the yard that he is getting into? I am taking him to his vet this afternoon..poor guy!

  • my 13 year old silky terrier is vomitting yellow thick stuff and doen’t want to eat she also has been losing hair on her back is this normal for an old dog ? what should I be feeding her?

  • Marilyn Link

    My shih tzu pukes a yellow foamy substance every other week, she does not eat as much as she used to but always loves to eat what i eat, like grapes, bananas and fish. I screen what i feed her, i give her dry food- eukanuba. She also makes this scary sound sometimes which feels like she is stuggling to be in control of her respiration. Last week i noticed her right eye was red, i washed it and put eyedrops in it, then it got better but still had this overlap at the corner. She is 9mths old and i love her so much. I hope it’s nothing serious is happening.

  • sheree Link

    My 1 year old pit bull just started making noises like she was going to puke for the past 2 days.It wasnt untill today that she puked 10 times a white thick foam. She is happy as ever, she is eating and drinking water? I dont get it Help!!!

  • keisha Link

    Hi. My Boyfriend has a 5 month old J R Terrior Pup. For a few days now he has not been eating and is rarely drinking. He vomits up bile and his saliva is very thick. He also has had the diarrhea. There are chances that he may have eaten something that doesn’t agree with his little tummy because he spends alot of time around children and they leave and lose small toys. He has what I feel is a heavy breathing…it’s very different from usual. He will stand, but will not walk and wants to sleep all day. Is this serious? Could he have eaten something and it’s just not cooperating with him?

  • Our dog had an acute episode that began Thursday morning with white mucus, vomit, and panting in a typically healthy and happy Lab then in obvious distress that ended up being put down Saturday morning. Chicken bones and skin had been given him by my 92 year old father living with us and pancreatitis(that can result from chicken bones and other people food and even those rawhide chews that can have nasties lurking within), an abscess that ruptured and peritonitis with extreme and undeserved pain and an untimely passing was the result for a wonderful and faithful friend we loved and pampered muchly 11-1/2 years.

    Folks, please seek professional help in the real world so you won’t have regrets as the guarding of a precious fur baby. Vomit and panting and diarrhea and not walking are signs that indicate something isn’t normal and needs someone to get to the bottom of it rather than thinking it may pass. Insist on vet caring enough to dig for answers rather than pass things off with scripts and a trip home. We did act quickly and we’re still having to deal with grief phases and what ifs and should and could haves. Run don’t walk if these apply to your companion ~

    Here’s our baby sleeping when well(on one of the children’s pillow and blankie).

  • “guarding” should be “guardian” oops

  • Fritz Link

    Marilyn – Grapes are poisonous to dogs, I’d definitely stop that particular treat. It seems like there are many more episodes of mysterious yellow bile than there are of reasons for the stuff being hurled out of the dog’s front end. If there are no other symptoms and the dog is eating and drinking – should I pay the vet to tell me there is nothing wrong, or …

  • Jenn Link

    My dog (5+yr old mixed breed) occasionally vomits up clear foam with flecks of jelly-like bloodiness in it. Sometimes it’s lighter, sometimes darker. He also has pretty bad breath even though his teeth are in pretty good shape and he eats good food (Purina ONE dry mostly, and scraps of lean meat and veggies, glucosamine and fish oil). The vomiting seems to occur only when he has an empty stomach, so I feed him small amounts every 5 hours or so. I am reluctant to withhold food after he vomits, since it seems to occur on an empty stomach. Sometimes I give his some soggy food or rice mixed with pepto bismol. He seems otherwise fine in general. I have mentioned this to family members with nursing backgrounds and two different vets. No one seems to think this is a concern. I ask, “do you think he could have some kind of acid reflux disease or something? and they say, ‘eh, possibly'” No vet has recommended any kind of testing (which makes part of me relieved, as my resources are limited) but I hate to think he might have a looming problem like stomach, kidney or liver disease. What do you think?

  • Marilyn,

    grapes are toxic to dogs. the redness in your dog’s eye may have been in part to eating grapes.

  • Radha Link

    I have a 2 years old white Chihuahua, wolfy, he is very shy(very very shy), we got 2 new dogs another Chihuahua and a rot wailer, wolfy has become very depressed because he is not getting al the attention like he used too, i think that is why he is not eating. Another possibility is that the new Chihuahua monopolizes the food and the white one does not wants to fight for it so we think he is not eating, but now we try to feed him alone and he does not want to eat, he is getting very skinny. The rot wailer has been here for a week, is one and half month old and come with ameba; wolfy is vomiting yellow. I want to know if this is something serious and he is sick and may have got ameba or if he is so depressed that not eating and is making him vomit the only thing in him?

  • Rita Earl Link

    Julie(Mar 20th) Did anyone respond to your mustard yellow vomit inquiry yet?? I have a rescued daschund that has just started throwing up mysteriouslyafter owning her for 8 months. Started out clear white 1 time eevry couple of days and now it’s yellow mustard once a day for sure. Can’t find anything wrong. I’m panicked. Have changed food from dry to can to chix back to a mix of Hills with chix. Nothing stops the vomiting. ANYBODY …can you help??? can email to ANY & ALL HELP IS APPRECIATED!!! Thanks!!!!

  • Sophia Link

    Please do not feed your Shih Tzu grapes. It’s toxic for pups! Some pups are allergic to beef and beef by-products. My little 2 yrs shih Tzu is allergic to beef. My friend’s dog is allergic to chicken. You should try cutting out chicken or beef from you pup’s diet. My friend spent 4 thousand dollars to find out her dog is allergic to chicken. I researched Shih Tzu allergens and cut out things her breed is prone to be allergic to. It doesn’t hurt to try.

  • felix Link

    VERY IMPORTANT:do not feed dogs for an hour before or after feeding as this may be the cause of the excesssive vomiting-it is known to cause a serious stomach problem(of which i cant remeber how to spell-something like gastro……itus)lurchers are especially prone to this as they have small stomaches. the reason for this theory is the dogs stomach shrinks while exercising therefor wil find it hard to digest food. Pork has a bacteria which is poisonous to dogs so therefore do not feed ANY form of pork to them. i’m not religious but there is it muslims? dont eat pork because they think of it as a dirty meat. there’s probably a good reason for that. dog treats maybe fun but they arent ment to be fed too many a day, depend on the sort i guess….dry dog food should have a small glass of water (warm or cold) as the dry texture is harder to digest….

  • felix Link

    i just realised i wrote:do not feed dogs an hour before or after feeding….i meant do not EXERCISE dogs for an hour before or after feeding!sorry bout that

  • lexie Link

    hello everyone. my sister dog is being vomiting for the past days, we took her to the Vet and he ask us to let her in the clinic for 24 hours. when we got there the lady said that she has a big mouth, she barks alot and full of energy. then they call my sister in, when she came out with the dog the vet said she had her thyroids in 0.50 and that any puppy should have it on 1.50 to 2. then he said that there is a plack or something that is build in the stomach that digest the food, but she is building to much of it and that is going to her blood.

    we toke her where we got her and the lady said she looks ok, a little sick but nothing big.

    so, the dog was full of life before we got her to the Vet, then when she came back she is vomiting even the pedialyte “the clear one” and she vomits it clear. if we give her food she vomits, if we even thing she vomits.
    she is been lifeless the hole day, i do not know what to do to bring her back to normal, but she used to fallow me everywhere, walk around me bite everything. so please any help will be Truly appreciated.

    this is lexie, she is only 3 month old

  • Hi All,

    I have a 8 year old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling retriever that weighs 44lbs. She has been vomitting off and on for the past 4 months. Sometime when it gets to be everyday, I take her to the vet. So far they did not find anything in the blood work. She seems to be otherwise okay with appetite and playing. Doctor wants to put her on Flagyl now after trying metaclopramide with no luck. They also tried antibiotics, denosyne a couple of months ago. Please help. She is now on ground turkey and rice. Even that she is throwing up after 8 hrs or so undigested.


  • Madge Link

    I have a 12ish year old sheltie/aussie shephard mix – she regurgitates her food (Solid Gold Branc) after eating – then goes out and eats it for breakfast. yuk – but she does this every day. Now she eats off and on, is lazier than normal. I took her to the vet – her blood work was normal – they think that it could be a stomach mass or something – I don’t know. She is so old, could be just old age, and I just can’t afford all the x-rays and tests they want to do. Is there a condition where the dog just pukes – a canine anorexia or something???????

  • Kristen Link

    Sharing my story without any solution…

    My almost 6 year old Queensland Heeler, Jackson, has been throwing up clear, thick saliva for about 4 weeks now. Every once in awhile it has a white foam on top but most of the time it’s clear and very thick. So thick that he slurps it back up into his mouth from time to time, even though I tell him not to do it. Other than the saliva vomiting, he is completely fine. He is high energy, eats and holds down his food and sleeps all day as usual. He does seem to be a little thirstier than normal but not so that it raises concern.

    My vet has listened to both his heart and his breathing and has assured me that it can’t be too serious. She has suggested I give him Pepcid AC twice a day along with 100 mg of Doxycycline. He weighs 64 pounds and has for years. Hence, no weight loss here either.

    Jackson has been on the meds for almost a week now and seems to be improving slightly, although, only at night is he still vomiting the saliva. I do have to say, though, that the vomiting has occurred less frequently since starting the Doxy and Pepcid. Last night it was in my bed right as he and I were drifting off to sleep. Was quite the wake up call! : )

    I’ve read all of the comments here and the only thing I’m getting out of all of this is that maybe I should try feeding him before he goes to bed. I did try little treats but he is a bigger dog (no toy by any means) so maybe he needs more. I hope this is the answer. I’m going out of town in a week and am concerned about boarding him while this is going on. I’m also concerned that it’s something serious and that it might get worse while I”m gone. I too am limited financially.

    Thank you all for writing about your experiences. At the very minimum, it does help to know that I’m not the only one going through this with my pup. I wish so much we could figure out what is wrong with them all. Dogs are the best friend a man or woman can have! : )

  • Michael Kopacka Link

    Our golden retreiver began to drool and vomit while on a road trip the 1st week of Nov. A vet suggested motion sickness, and gave some instuctions to help her get over it. We tried these, but the symptoms continued. Another vet suggested a GI bug, and gave some instuctions which did seem to help. (Metacloprimide and reduction of exercise, monitor feedings) However, within a week symptoms started again. Her home vet found that she had bronchitis, and we started antibiotics and kept on with the routine. A week later symptoms were back, only worse. Another visit to the vet for bloodwork, all of which was unremarkable. We arranged to has radiograpic testing done a couple of days later, while trying to support her at home. She was very hungry all the time, and tossed whatever went into her mouth. She still produced urine, but stool was getting less and less. By this point, we were pretty certain she had an obtruction of some kind. However, the x-rays showed megaesophagus, quite clearly. She also had some fever, as well as a small amount of fluid in her lungs. We brought her home armed with hope and some new knowledge. I would scour the internet for info. We would feed her in a vertical position. It was grim, but doable. That was at 4pm Dec 24th. Up to this point she did not really look sick; she was interested in eating, walks, etc. A 3 am the next morning we realized she was drowning, and made an early Christmas morning trip to the emergency clinic, where an exam showed raging pulmonary edema, high fever, and deep lethargy; her lungs were filled with fluid. She had a major aspiration pneumonia, and couldn’t get enough oxygen. 12 hours earlier the vet had complimented her as a patient, a cooperative, tail wagging sweetie. Now, she couldn’t even lift her head. We made that decision – the one that dog people hate, and brought her home and buried her. I have gone on at length about this, so perhaps someone will read this and not have to lose a companion. A dog that has reoccurring, unexplained vomiting should be tested for MegaE. If we had the diagnosis even a little earlier, things may have been different, and we might still have our sweet, beautiful girl. Maybe not; this disease is grim, with alot of complications, but it is potentially manageable. We had never even heard of it, despite over 20 years with dogs, and 4 different vets missed the signs. There is reams of info on the net. Arm yourselves.

  • First of all, I have to say I am really surprised at how many people have dogs who have this problem. Also, if my dog vomited up anything that didn’t look like food (yellow anything) I’d definitely have him checked. I have a 3 year old Boston Terrier we’ve had for 18 months. He had a major vomiting attack earlier this fall lasting for about 4 hours before we made a midnight trip to a vet 30 miles away and nothing was concluded. I think he probably ate something nasty in our backyard, possibly something the cats left behind! Now, it seems as the colder weather has hit, and particularly after a long walk, he makes a noise that I liken to an asthmatic trying to get air into their lungs – kind of a “snarffy” noise! This is often followed by vomiting up the white foamy stuff. Another trip to a different vet and she advised us to give him an antihistamine (Chlortrimeton) 2xs a day for possible post-nasal drip. Without leaving him overnight for tests, etc., (an expense we can’t afford) the vet didn’t really have any idea. In the last few days, he has been vomiting very regularly at about 3 in the morning. This is very distressful for all of us! I can’t quite figure out the best time to give him the antihistamine, and don’t know if it’s really working. I did change his food just a few days before this last trip to the vet and am somewhat suspicious that he has a food allergy. He, too, loved the IAMS at first but then would only eat it very reluctantly. We don’t give him people food, but I do reward him with 1/3 of a mini doggie treat for good behaviors. I have never had a pure-bred dog before, and haven’t had a dog for 8 years, and never any vomiting stuff. This little guy has no loss of interest in playing, eating, or sleeping! He’s a good dog, but this is stressful – particularly the 3am part!

  • stretcha Link

    i just got a 4-6 week old pit bull puppy, he keeps trying to vomit but he dont bring up anything. Im taking him to the vet but they all closed for the weekend. he did not get his shots yet. i just want to knw whats the resone he is doing this and if i shud b vary conserned about it or just wait intil monday to take him to the vet

  • This post literally brought me to tears. My favourite has to be the “ralf”. Funniest thing I have read in ages, I’d love to know who wrote it!

    Incidentally, I found this while looking up “thick white dog vomit”. My parent’s Jack Russell Terrier (15 years old) produced such a substance a few days ago and has been lacklustre and not eating/drinking much since. Time for the vet!

  • Vikki Link

    i have 2 dogs a Staffy called Luna and a Labardor cross Pit Bull called Billy. the last few days Billy has been puking up yellow foamy stuff and he is now better but now my staff is pukin the same stuff but seems to be struggling to eat, dring, and play which is very unlike her, where as Billy did all of these. what is the best thing to do? i dont have alot of money to pay vet bills at the moment. any advice?

  • i have an 11 yr old dalmation she justsarted doing this she vomits 5 hrs after her evening meal then eats it. what can i give her

  • Erica Link

    So I read through all the postings and can’t believe that Ruby’s post is EXACTLY the same as my dogs issues.

    My Bella is also a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling retriever, she is 4 years old and used to weight 73 pds, has lost weight over 3 months of throwing up and is now 65 pds. She throws up off and on, sometimes good days and sometimes bad bad days. Sometimes bile and other times full on food which looks a bit like fecal – think it is deep into digestion when it comes up, pretty gross.
    Otherwise, she loves eating, goes to the bathroom with normal stool. She has energy and sleeps soundly until she randomly wakes up and pukes. We have gone to the vet about 10 times since this started and have done blood, stool, x-ray, pancriatic tests and all came back fine. She has been on cernia, which only works randomly. She is on antibiotics now, but hard since she pukes them up and we give her beano and maylanta gas for the stomach gas noises we hear. We constantly worry and the next step our vet says is to cut her open, which is probably what we will do.

    Our concern is we will cut her open and won’t find anything, have to pay $2k min and she won’t be better. I guess better safe than sorry –

    Ruby or anyone else, have you found other solutions or even other possibilities that may explain what is wrong with our dogs??

    I have a 8 year old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling retriever that weighs 44lbs. She has been vomitting off and on for the past 4 months. Sometime when it gets to be everyday, I take her to the vet. So far they did not find anything in the blood work. She seems to be otherwise okay with appetite and playing. Doctor wants to put her on Flagyl now after trying metaclopramide with no luck. They also tried antibiotics, denosyne a couple of months ago. Please help. She is now on ground turkey and rice. Even that she is throwing up after 8 hrs or so undigested.

  • yamilex Link

    My dog has been vomiting green stuff out of his mouth but im afraid i will lose him, he means a-lot to me!!!
    He dose not want to run.
    I remember when he played tug-o-war with me!
    But now I dont know what to do.

  • Cynthia Link

    I need help!!!!!!!!! My dog threw up yelowish and greenish vomit and was choking he dosnt want to eat run or play. i m so sad. please help me oh and he only drinks water he also diapears through the night and dosnt come back till noon then leaves again. URGENT please help me out my sisters are about to kill me becase they are just crying all the time.


  • Cynthia Link

    My bad its disapears not diapers

  • Karen Link

    I have a 9 month old Yorkie who is sick right row. She started throwing up 2 days ago. Took her to the vet yesterday & he thought she had broncitis. He gave her shot and pills to take home. She is still throwing up today, alot. She is very dehydrated. That will kill her quick. I started her on Ringers Lactate Solution today under the skin. I have it here, since I have delt with Parvo before. I gave her an enema of herbal mint tea, used for Parvo, and she retained every bit of it. I’m giving her Pedialite, Vibactra Plus (Parvo med) and her antibiotics. She will not hold anything down. Being that dehydrated I must give her fluids every couple of hours is she is still vomiting, or she will die. I’ve too much experience, unfortunately. I will be up with her all night tonight treating her. The most important thing when your dog is vomiting and/or has diarreah, is to keep them hydrated, any way you can. If they are throwing up, give them an enema with a large syringe(without the needle). It is very serious if your dog has been doing this for even one day. They can die. It’s has happened to me. There is some good information on Amber Tech’s website that has products that “work”. I hope just this little bit of information I shared with you can help you save your beloved pets. I know it hurts so much to lose one of “the family”.

  • Send Extra Link

    my dog was nodding her head a few times before she stopped at a spot and sniffed it. She then opened her mouth and vomited! I got so worried, i dint know what to do. I left to get a bag and when i came back, i saw her eating it. When my dog saw me, she took a huge chomp and the vomit and ran for it. HELP!

  • Send Extra Link


    i dont know what to do now, she went to sleep after that so i just left her. please tell me anything i can do.
    and my dog also has this kinda puss coming out of her anus. but she licks it away. is this normal?

  • No, it’s not normal. I wouldn’t be surprised if your dog were becoming sick and vomiting because she’s trying to keep herself clean.

    Get your dog to a vet.

  • Alfie Link

    My dog is 13 years old. I went out today and came home about 5 hours later and noticed that she had vomited 8 times all over the place. It was very clear, watery, slime with some yellow in it and really a lot!! She has been very thirsty and after she drank water she threw up outside again…so much, it looked like I dumped a pot of water down the stairs. She wouldn’t eat her dinner. Now, I started to give her only about 1/4 cup of water at a time. She is so sweet, she knows to go outside to vomit, poor baby. Other than the vomiting and now eating her dinner tonight, she is acting normal. If this continues, I guess I’ll bring her to the vet tomorrow 🙁

  • Alfie Link

    I took Sassy to the vet this morning and they admitted her. She is severly dehydrated. The vet suspects that she has an irritated stomach from the medicine she is getting for her spinal arthritis. They did blood work and a stomach x-ray which both came back within normal range. She is on IV fluids now and they are going to give her antibiotic for her stomach. She should be in there for a few days.

  • Alfie R Link

    I took Sassy to the vet this morning and they admitted her. She is severly dehydrated. The vet suspects that she has an irritated stomach from the medicine she is getting for her spinal arthritis. They did blood work and a stomach x-ray which both came back within normal range. She is on IV fluids now and they are going to give her antibiotic for her stomach. She should be in there for a few days.

  • Evey the dog Link

    My owner laughed so hard she was crying when she read this. I don’t see what’s so funny, she usually is really grossed out when I Blap.


    I have white maltese had them on EVO red meat small bites and all of them started getting bloated tummies and even funny looking eyes. (like fog and something shiny in the deep part of the eyes). On this food for a good long while and stool would be good one day and out of no where loose stool. Called the company and they said the all protein and no grains seemed to be hard on the little dogs tummies. She suggested to switch to California Naturals chicken but it was large bites so she suggested California Naturals Lamb and rice or Innova adult small bites chicken and turkey in green bag. I could find the Innova adult small bites with chicken and turkey with grains. Been on this for a week and the eyes of my dogs are looking better and the bloated tummies and loose stool have gone away. NO EVO NO EVO for maltese NO EVO tummies can’t handle the high protein!

    Turkey is the clean combination of flesh and skin with or without accompanying bone, derived from the parts or whole carcasses of turkey or a combination of thereof – exclusive of feathers, heads, feet, and entrails.

    Turkey is an excellent source of highly digestible protein. Natura uses high-quality turkey in many of our formulations.


    Chicken is the clean combination of flesh and skin with or without accompanying bone, derived from the parts or whole carcasses of chicken – exclusive of feathers, heads, feet, and entrails.

    Chicken is an excellent source of protein.

    Chicken Meal

    Chicken meal is the dry rendered (cooked down) product from a combination of clean flesh and skin with or without accompanying bone, derived from the parts of whole carcasses of chicken — exclusive of feathers, heads, feet, or entrails.

    Natura uses high-quality chicken meal in many of our foods as an excellent source of protein.


    Barley is a major food and animal feed crop, a member of the grass family Poaceae. Ground barley is the entire barley kernel, ground or chopped.

    Ground Barley is a good quality source of carbohydrates. Because Natura uses the entire barley kernel, it contributes additional protein, barley oil, bran, vitamins and minerals to the diet.

    Brown Rice

    The whole rice kernel containing the nutrient-rich bran with only the rice hull removed.

    Brown Rice is rich in numerous nutrients like B-vitamins, magnesium, and fatty acids.


    Potatoes are whole tubers of the plant.

    Natura uses only whole, fresh potatoes. They are not pre-processed, so they retain all of their important nutrients. Potatoes provide B vitamins, carbohydrates, zinc, vitamin C, copper, iron, magnesium, niacin and potassium. Natura uses only fresh, whole fruits and vegetables, just like you would buy at the grocery store.


    Rice, unless listed as brown rice, is the de-hulled rice kernel, without the bran — known as white rice.

    Chicken Fat

    Chicken fat is obtained from the tissues of chickens in the commercial process of rendering or extracting.

    Chicken fat is the highest of all animal sources in linoleic acid (over 23%), an important element for skin and coat health. Because Natura uses such high-quality chicken, this is a high-quality source of fat.


    Flaxseed is the whole seed of the flax plant.

    Flaxseed is a good source of both soluble and insoluble fiber. Together these fibers aid in digestion and help to maintain good stool consistency. Flaxseed is also an excellent source of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids (such as alpha-linolenic acid). These fatty acids help produce the soft, luxuriant coat on your pet for which Natura is known.


    Herring is the clean tissue of undecomposed whole herring or herring cuttings, either or both.

    Herring is an excellent single-source protein. It is also an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids. Natura uses whole, high-quality herring, which are ground and added to the ingredient mix.

    Natural Flavors

    Natural flavors are flavor ingredients that do not contain synthetic or artificial components.

    In the Natura products that include “natural flavor” in the formula, the exact composition is proprietary. However, it is always made from high quality all natural ingredients, consistent with Natura’s nutritional philosophy.


    A member of the rose family, the apple has a compartmented core and is thus classified as a pome fruit.

    Apples are an excellent source of dietary fiber. About 81% of the fiber is soluble; most of it is of a type called pectin. Apples provide both soluble and insoluble fiber, some vitamin C and beta carotene, and potassium and boron. Natura uses this nutritious fruit in its whole form to obtain all of its wholesome nutrients.


    Carrots are the roots of the carrot plant, and a member of the parsley family.

    Innova dog and cat foods contain whole fresh carrots.


    Pumpkin is a rich source of alpha-carotene and beta-carotene, fiber, vitamins C and E, potassium, magnesium, and pantothenic acid.


    Egg is the part or whole of the reproductive body produced by hens.

    Eggs are an excellent source of protein, with naturally occurring complex combinations of amino acids. Natura uses only whole eggs in our products.

    Sunflower Oil

    Sunflower oil is obtained by extracting oil from sunflower seeds.

    Natura uses sunflower oil to provide the essential fatty acid, linoleic acid, which is important for good skin and coat health.

    Sea Salt

    Sea salt is used in Natura’s food to provide the essential nutrients sodium and chloride.

    A source of sodium like sea salt is vitally essential to heart and kidney health. Chloride is very important for the nervous system to function properly. Alternative sources for sodium were explored by Natura nutritionists, but were rejected since a natural source like sea salt was preferred. In addition, other good sources of sodium like raw kelp were not used as they were found to have comparatively low levels of sodium compared to sea salt. Natura never used excessive levels of sodium to increase our food’s palatability, but relies on the inherent wholesomeness of our ingredients to make foods dogs and cats love to eat.

    Potassium Chloride

    A chemical compound, KCl, a colorless or white, cubic, crystalline compound that closely resembles common salt (sodium chloride). It is soluble in water, alcohol, and alkalies.

    Potassium plays various roles in metabolism and body functions. It assists in the regulation of the acid-base balance and water balance in the blood and the body tissue. It assists in protein synthesis from amino acids and in carbohydrate metabolism.

    Herring Oil

    Herring oil is the oil extracted from whole herring.

    Herring oil provides a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids. Because the herring that Natura uses is of such high quality, the herring oil helps produce healthy skin and lustrous coats.

    Cottage Cheese

    Cottage cheese is the result of separating milk or cream into curds and whey. The curds are drained and pressed to form the soft, white, spoonable cheese.

    Cottage cheese is an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus, protein and vitamins. Natura uses high-quality cottage cheese, straight from its retail container. The cottage cheese has only trace amounts of lactose and because of its limited inclusion in the formula, the ultimate amount of lactose in the finished product is insignificant and would not be in sufficient supply to cause an intolerance problem.

    Alfalfa Sprouts

    Alfalfa sprouts are a member of the legume family.

    Alfalfa sprouts are an excellent source of key nutrients, including vitamin C, iron, magnesium and manganese. Natura uses fresh, high-quality alfalfa sprouts to add these important nutrients to our foods.

    Direct-Fed Microbials

    This is the regulatory term given to microorganism cultures added to food.

    Direct-fed microbials are living microbes that can be found in a healthy digestive tract. As cooking would kill these microbes, Natura adds them to the outside of the kibble after the dry food has been gently cooked. Since the entire contents of our canned foods must be cooked as part of the canning process, we are unable to add viable microorganisms to our canned products.


    Lecithin is a specific phospholipid and the principal constituent of crude phosphatides derived from oil-bearing seeds.

    Lecithin is a good source of choline, essential for normal fatty acid transport within cells. It is obtained chiefly from soybeans, corn and egg yolk.

    Rosemary Extract

    Rosemary is an evergreen shrub of Rosemarinus Officinalis.


    Vitamins are organic compounds that function as parts of enzyme systems essential for the transmission of energy and the regulation of metabolisms of the body. Minerals are inorganic substances essential for a host of vital processes within the body. AAFCO regulates minimum standard quantities of vitamins and minerals in levels that pets need to survive. All pet food manufacturers supplement their products with vitamins and minerals. Beyond meeting these minimum requirements, all Natura products contain a complete vitamin and mineral supplement program that helps pets to thrive, not just survive. The minerals Natura uses are chelated, providing three to ten times greater assimilation than common minerals. Our Innova products also contain microorganism supplements, which are not required by the AAFCO minimums. Included in our foods are some of the following: Ascorbic Acid, Beta Carotene, Biotin, Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Iodate, Choline Chloride, Cobalt Carbonate, Cobalt Proteinate, Copper Proteinate, d-Calcium Pantothenate, Dicalcium Pantothenate, dl-Methionine, Folic Acid, Iron Proteinate, Manganese Proteinate, Niacin, Potassium Chloride, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Riboflavin, Thiamine Mononitrate, Vitamin A Supplement, Vitamin B12 Supplement, Vitamin C Supplement (Sodium Ascorbate), Vitamin D3 Supplement, Vitamin E Supplement (Alpha Tocopherol), Zinc Proteinate Natura adds these important vitamins and minerals, in proper balance to its foods to ensure that your pet gets all the necessary nutrients for life and good health every day. I have no idea if this is the food i’m going to stick with my other option is California Naturals Lamb and rice. I hope this Innova adult chicken and turkey with grains will be ok. It for sure has a lot of good looking ingredients! I pray and hope to God it’s going to be good for my babies.

  • tasha youmans Link

    i have a puppy pitbull and she eats her feces why she wont eat her puppy food but will her feces

  • adub Link

    my 8 month old lab/german/pitbull mix has vomited clearish liquid three times today. she seems fairly lethargic and hasnt really been too active for the last four hours. im concerned, she is never this inactive for so long. what should i do??

  • Paul Baker Link

    My 2 year old patterdale terrier was sick early on sunday morning approx 4am, she was tired and lethargic on monday and off her food. took her to vets on tuesday and given pro-kolin paste and i think she doesnt like it and sicks it back up. she has been poorly now for 4 days now and dont know whats wrong with her. also her gums are deep red and black ish. vet didnt seem too concerned and said come back in 2 / 3 days. any ideas anyone???

  • bernadette Link

    hahahahhahaah that last type cracked my shit up.

  • Blanca Link

    It just seems to me like no one has an answer for the throwing up problem!!! I wish there was someone out there who can help!!! My 6mon old puddle mix has the same problem and it just makes me so sad not being able to help… To be honest, the vet don’t even help they’r just so expensive!!! They never know what’s wrong they’r always just guessing and never get it right!!! This suxx!!!

  • Blanca Link

    OK I’m not telling you to do this, but I have to tell u guys I was so desperate last night that I made a tea that i usually drink when my tummy hurts… It never fells!!! So I thought u know i’ts natural herbs.. It’s a chamomile & mint tea!!! well instead of water i gave my puppy the tea, cold !!! today he is happy running like usual very happy i’m amaze!!! Yay, he lives!!!

  • carouselgirl Link

    My great dane is over 2 years old. After Christmas she started throwing up her one meal a day. Usually within 8 to 10 hours of eating. My vet has xrayed her, drawn blood, everything is negative. No stomach twisting, no pancreas issues. We have always fed her standing up. We tried homemade chicken and rice. Anti nausea pills by vet prescrip. We tried feeding her at different times, smaller meals more often, we tried prescrip diet i/d. She has lost 10 pounds. When she is not getting sick she runs and plays with our other dogs like normal. As she has started to really lose weight she is becoming more tired of course. Vet is stumped. She drinks and just appears normal except can’t hold food down. She is sooo hungry all the time. With no reason for it, how long will she go on suffering? Any explanations?

  • cheko Link

    i have a pitbullish 5 y.o named cheko, its been about 5 days that hes been vomiting pretty much wtvr he eats, for the first few days he wudnt eat a thing but still was vommiting,, now hes eating a little but soon after throwing it up partially digested,, hes drinking alot and mannaging to keep it down for the most part, which i assume is a good sign but still we are obviously quite concerned. our other dog just got over a simmilar problem.. we didnt bring him to the vet and it took about a week n now hes better. we live in a rural area with lots of little wild critters running about, is it possible that getting bit or ingesting one of these little wild critters,(mice, moles, shrews, weasles etc) could be at the root of this problem???

  • Karen A Link

    My dog has been throwing up on and off now for 3 years. He usually vomits if he as ANY people food or dog snacks (other than rawhide). He LOVES people food…and searches the kitchen for anything he can find on the floor. If something drops while cooking, he makes a b-line for it and snatches it up before I can bend over to get it. Then the fun begins…the next day he is “tired” all day…then when nobody’s looking, he vomits (preferably for him on my white rug). Then he is fine until he “luckily” finds some more people food to make him sick!

  • Cmac Link

    Sickens me that so many people have posted on this JOKE blog entry about their ill pets. TAKE THEM TO THE VET. If you can’t afford veterinary treatment for your pet and can’t be bothered to get pet insurance, then you shouldn’t have a pet. It’s heartbreaking to read these posts where the dogs are obviously seriously ill and the dumb owner is doing nothing to help them. Shame on you all.

  • Jasmine and Misha's mom Link

    Wow this was really entertaining!

    I just want to take a minute to tell you I have had the [mis]fortune of having two dogs with very sensitive stomachs. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars through the years to get this ‘serious illness’ diagnosed, and I do not feel this is an appropriate place to berate anyone who is fearful of being financially incapacitated by overly-aggressive treatment and testing by a veterinarian [Cmac @ 4:18 am April 5, 2010].

    There have been several instances that I have been to the vet hospital for varied problems; every single time the treatment plan was far more than it needed to be. I am also a Registered Nurse, and have some insight to physiology, and can tell you that this has saved me loads of $$, and never caused more pain/problems for my babies. The most recent was a serious case of gastritis, in which I was quoted $900, which included one overnight stay for IV fluids, IV Pepcid and IV antibiotic ($100). I opted to take her home and monitor her myself (24 hr hospital, so I could take her back if she had a set-back). I asked for an IV bolus instead, antibiotic pills ($16), and generic Pepcid at Walgreens ($2). This saved me $550, and within 12 hours her symptoms were decreased by 50%.

    Nausea can be very serious, and it can also be somewhat normal for your dog. Dogs are like people, and some people just have weak stomachs. In my home, the Standard Poodle and German Shepherd both had sensitive stomachs, and this is common for these breeds. I learned early on after a couple visits and a few experiments with a bland diet that I simply had dogs with tender tummies. I have a solution for this.

    If your dog acts fine (in all aspects besides the vomiting), you can try to troubleshoot at home. If they seem otherwise ill (fever, heart rate, breathing rate, unwilling to play, incontinent of urine or stool, it’s best to get them evaluated by a pro.

    If the only real problem they show is vomiting you can try something cheap and quick at home. Rest his/her gut. Give her the recommended dose of Pepcid via pill (ask your vet, based on their natural healthy weight). After 12-24 hrs of this (and hopefully no puke) introduce a bland diet (homemade directions read below). If after 24 hr there is still nausea, or at any point there is blood see your vet.

    I have never had vomiting persist after changing to the bland diet and giving her Pepcid (1 small pill every 12 hrs), except in the case of a more serious problem, gastritis.

    Good luck; I hope I can help those pet lovers who are struggling with financial obligations. I know how it feels when you are faced with whether to treat your dog as directed or feel your family for the week. We all love our pets, that’s what brought us to this site to begin with. Peace.

    Bland diet:
    -Approx 4 cups white rice prepared per box (tip: you can find this frozen food section if you prefer)
    -1 lb of the following meat, your choice (grilled or canned chicken breast, shredded [not fried], lean 90% ground beef [drained], or baked turkey
    Combine rice and meat mixture and feed normal volume as your would of regular food. After 2 days gradually introduce new food for dogs with sensitive stomachs (Purina Pro Plan has a Salmon variety that is good, also Hill’s Science Diet is effective. Also Iams red bag is okay, but our senior is gaining some weight. Our best experience is Bil-jac, which is frozen, but difficult to find.)

    PS If you need bland diet in a hurry without cooking you can buy it in a can from any Hill’s Science Diet Prescription Retailer (usually a vet or Petsmart will have this); it is about $1.40/can. I keep a few on hand in case her stomach acts up and I am not prepared. Best wishes.

  • Jasmine and Misha's mom Link

    PS Just want to mention we do not feed any human food to our pets, so no that is not the problem.

  • Bobbie Link

    Hi there. I see there are many dog owners here with the same problem. I found a great article on Dog upset stomach home remedies that I hope will help you.
    my 6 months old golden retriever was vomiting all day yesterday and i was so worried for her. wish the vet would have told me any of these things…

  • Denrick Link

    Hi…..i live in phillipines i have an askal dog……he always vomiting with yellow & white color or somthing after a few days…..he runs to our dinning room and vomit with pure white fluids with bubbles and after that he been paralized he cant move her body only her eyes can move…plzzz help me….there are no vet here in our province..


  • NAZ Link

    hey there i have a 9 month old Dog, she took her 1st heat last may 4 and she took her mating last may 11 and may 13, I sprayed Front line in her coat and also in her skin yesterday after a few hours she vomited white foam and still vomiting until now, i just wonder if it’s because of the front line or my dog is pregnant, do the pregnant dog vomits on their 10th day or on their 1st stage having pregnancy. please help!

  • hi, i have had dogs for many years,and you can help your dog stop getting sick by taking a egg and separate the whit from the yolk and give him the yolk,that will stop the vomitting and help him so he won’t feel druged down, it really works, try it.

  • k9 Link

    A raw diet and no vaccines or prescription drugs will keep your dog healthy its entire life. My oldest dog lived to be 22.6 years. Lead a very active life. I have 3 now (all rescues) and one has a tumor. It’s shrinking now since she’s on a raw diet and completely natural therapies.
    All flee deterrents like Frontline, etc., are poisons! They will eventually cause great harm to your pets if not kill them.

  • gotrotts Link

    Naz you should not be breeding a dog that young it not good for them nor do you know if the dog has bad hip,people like you should not breeding dogs!!!
    2. when a dog is expecting you don’t want to put chemicals on their body!

  • Newt Link

    I have a year and a half old boxer that was coughing the throwing up really thick white foamy stuff. Come to find out it was phlegm. He has kennel cough. He has been on anti-biotics for going on 2 and a half weeks and he still throws/spits it up. His lungs are clear and he is normal for the most part. The Vet mashed his throat to make him cough, so he could confirm what it was. Before I knew what was wrong with him, he was a little lethargic and wasn’t eating as much. The Vet stated that some of that was because his throat hurt and it is a good thing that he wasn’t running around a lot, because that makes everything worse. Since Kennel Cough is a virus then it has to run it course, but you have to be careful because it can lead to pneumonia.

    I hope this will help anyone that is having or may have this issue in the near future.

  • kramer Link

    I have a dog who “found” me while I was on vacation two years ago. She had been abandoned. Two weeks ago, she started regurgitating immediately after eating. I didn’t think much of it, but it continued for two days. Went to the vet, was sent to the ER (bring a credit card) and two hours later and $800.00 paid, I had no answers. Was given fluids for dehydration, x-rays for foreigh bodies, complete blood work up – everything, of course was normal. Sent home with Pepcid (gold-plated) and told to come back if it continued.
    Of course, next day, sick again, we returned to our regular vet, who ordered yet another test for pancreatitis (read: $120.00), given IV fluids again, more pepcid, reglan, antibiotics (read: $140.00). Long boring story shortened: every test has come back normal, dog has no fever, plays and goes for her runs every day, lost 7 lbs in the process but fine otherwise, still vomits if given anything chunky. So, I boil chicken, boil rice, hide pepcid in the food, no treats because they come right back at me. She’s gained 2 pounds back but she cannot figure out what she did to warrant having her treats taken away. Total cost for the adventure: over $1,500. Vet advised us to have an ultrasound. Answer: NO.

  • ashley Link

    Please help I have a 8 mo old deshound Bella, she keeps throwing up white frothy water and is acting really sad for about three days now and she keeps shivering. This is not like her she is a very active dog. I don’t have allot of money to spend at the vet does anyone have any advice please help we would be devastated to loose her????

  • tori Link

    hi,my name is tori and my dog is vomititing green!!! and he wont run or pllay around.he wont even eat!!!! what do i do!!!!!!

  • Merrybeans Link

    LOLOLOLOL 🙂 I have 4 babies : Bo-Bo & Flower (Bostons), Frank (our GIRL pug) and OOfre’ (Pekingese). Obviously I love the smooshed faced ones that ran into a wall face first going 100miles per hour 😉 This is soooo funny and your definitions really match! Bo-Bo could be the President of the “Blapper” community! He has kidney disease so I cant limit his water. Frank is a “Ralfer”, and I race her to get it before she decides she will go green and recycle!
    Oofre is the “urka gurka” (I’m actually gonna start calling him Oofre Urka now! He doesnt just hide under the couch though, although I wish he would stay in once place to do his “artwork” (that yellow stuffs stains so bad). He walks around making the infavous urka gurka noise and do this back arching thing and leave a small yellow ick about every 2 foot or so. Flower is the “garker”! I think she is half goat because she will eat anything! I cant even give her rawhides that get mushy after they are chewed a bit because as soon as it is soft enough to get bendy she EATS it WHOLE and then of course she then GARKS! So weird you seriously described each of my lil barfers! My husband is gonna laugh when I show him this tonight!

  • Buddy Link

    Our bichon frise died today. We do not know what happened. He had vomiting yesterday on Sun with just a small amt. of diarrhea. he seemed to get better today, and he has done this before and gotten better within two or three days. He took a turn for the worst at about 7:00 this evening when he made some strange noises and then seemed to just lay down and die. He was 11 years old. If anyone has an idea what might have happened or might know what it was, could you please help. could it be just he was older or does it sound like poisoning, bloat, ???

  • aa crap! Link

    my dog vomit alot last night but i didn’t worry it so much and the vets was closed….and the next mornig i wake up and see my dog dead in the back yard with fomy wite vomit next to his mouth! i feel bad of that dog he was a 2 year old german shepherd and its possible that its poisoning right? aaaaah crap soo much time and effort in that dogs training and now its all gone! why dose god hate me soo much!

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