The Democrats’ Problem

In his most recent Washington Post column Dana Milbank seems surprised to discover that the Democrats have a problem:

The problem for Democrats is that the party is a collection of one-issue entities, which too often use internecine disputes for fundraising and, collectively, thwart any attempt at a cohesive progressive strategy.

It isn’t just the DREAMers, the main focus of Mr. Milbanks’s column. And it isn’t limited to the Democrats. At this point the Republicans seem to have a consensus on being anti-tax. But some Republicans are anti-immigrant, some want to expand immigration. Some are verging on isolationism; some want to solve every international problem with bombs. Some support same sex marriage; some are just anti-gay.

The DREAMers’ problem isn’t simply that they’re a one issue constituency. It’s what the issue is: if it were limited to enacting DACA into law the problem probably would have been solved long ago. Not flying Mexican flags at rallies might help.

The Democrats’ more serious problem of faction is that blacks are their most important voting bloc but have received short shrift in every Democratic administration of the last half century. Maybe their black constituents will be willing for that to continue indefinitely.

But note this phrase in Mr. Milbanks’s observation:

which too often use internecine disputes for fundraising

When you rely on the most committed for the lifeblood of politics and the most committed are also the most radical, that presents a fundamental problem for representative government which requires compromise to remain viable.

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  • CuriousOnlooker

    With the ninth circuits decision yesterday that DACA can continue indefinitely; Democrats have no problem at all.

    They can go for the maximal position without fear that the hostages will be hurt.

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