The Council has spoken!

I’ve gotten a little behind in posting the Council’s picks for the best posts of the week so I’ll post both this week’s and last week’s results here.

This week

This week the winning Council post was Gates of Vienna’s post on the ills afflicting the U. S. Senate, “Acute Senatitis”. I do have one point of disagreement with Dymphna on this. This problem is not acute senatitis but chronic senatitis. In second place was New World Man’s post, “What Would Winning the War Over the Courts Be Like?”.

The winning non-Council post was Done With Mirror’s post, “Murtha’s War”. In this post Callimachus provides some needed perspective on Congressman Murtha’s statement from week before last, reaching to World War II and before. There was a tie for the second-place non-Council post with Michelle Malkin’s rant, “ Just a Yellow Woman Doing a White Man’s Job” and Cold Fury’s “Bad Week for Terrorists — and Democrats”.

Last week

Last week’s winning Council post by a wide margin was Dr. Sanity’s “Let’s Discuss Bush Derangement Syndrome Again”. Sharing second place honors were Gates of Vienna’s post on reformation in the Muslim world, “”The Untouched Hot Potato””, and my own post, Questioning Their Patriotism.

The winning non-Council post was The Anchoress’s throwing down of the gauntlet to Republican Party leaders, “Attention GOP Leadership”. The second-place post was Varifrank’s “The J. Patrick Buchanan Memorial Library for Failed Prophets of Doom”.

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