The Council Has Spoken!

The Watcher’s Council has announced its picks for the most outstanding posts of the preceding week. The winner in the Council post category was JoshuaPundit’s “National Security Rears It’s Ugly Head”. Try as they might to turn it into a domestic policy position, presidents nearly always find it impossible to avoid being overwhelmed with foreign policy concerns, it’s a foreign policy position, and Barack Obama will not be an exception to that rule. Second place honors went to The Colossus of Rhodey for “The real worry about an Obama presidency”. If it’s the Supreme Court that Hube is worried about President Obama is unlikely to do worse than maintaining the status quo.

The winning non-Council post was RCP Crosstab Blog’s “Obama Victory the GOP’s Best Hope”, for which I voted. Second place honors went to Mere Rhetoric’s “Israel: 70 Percent Of American Jews Ready To Say ‘We Didn’t Know’ When Obama Detonates US-Israel Alliance (Plus: They Most Definitely Know).” which if nothing else should have been given a special award for longest title.

The complete results can be found here.

Watcher Wanted! We are accepting applications for a position on the Watcher’s Council that has become available. If you have a blog of your own, please consider applying. The current rules are here.

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