Thanksgiving, 2020

This Thanksgiving will be a strange, rather sad one for me. I started cooking Thanksgiving dinners for a crowd well over 50 years ago, first for my parents and siblings and whatever guests were invited, then for my mom and siblings and guests after my dad had died, for my siblings and spouses after they married, and for my siblings, spouses, and their children after they started to arrive. Not all of my siblings and their families every year, of course, but frequently. We’ve had as many as 20 and generally no fewer than five. I may have gone to one of my siblings’ homes one Thanksgiving and just forgotten but it’s probably 60 family Thanksgiving dinners I’ve cooked.

This year it’s just my wife and me. No siblings or their families. No guests. I’ll put a picture of the table up after it’s been set.

I’m making the same things as I’ve made for years just downsized. Well, I didn’t make my cranberry sauce. We’ve got the cranberry mold my wife has made for years. That’s plenty. Maybe I’ll make my cranberry sauce in a day or so. I have the cranberries, the bourbon, and the black pepper. Just need to get some shallots and a lemon.

One of my nieces texted my wife to tell her she was giving making my wife’s famous pumpkin chiffon pie a try for the first time and her husband was smoking a turkey so I guess we’ve inspired the next generation at least a little.

May all of my readers and those with whom they celebrate whether near or far have a happy Thanksgiving!

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  • steve Link

    Same to you! (No pumpkin chiffon for us this year since I accidentally killed the pumpkins.)


  • Grey Shambler Link

    We had no one at the table not living in the home.
    Three adults, a 3 year old and a 10 month old. I’m the only cisgender male.
    (LOL). Me and the wimmin.
    My daughter loves to cook , but cooking small is hard. Roast turkey. yams with walnuts, dressing, smashed potatoes, green beans with toasted onions. deviled eggs, turkey gravy. All good but waay too much.
    If I were allowed in the kitchen there would have been diced giblets in the gravy. Something I look forward to more than daughter knows, but we don’t get along, so.
    We didn’t have pie or actually, any dessert, and I was so easily full, I didn’t miss it.
    But it was Thanksgiving, and I’m not alone, yet.

  • Heltau Link

    Just my wife and I for this year. My son cooked dinner at his house and brought it over to us to eat. It was glorious, no cooking to be done and the best things is no dishes to wash up. Very fine Thankgiving to be had by all.
    On to Christmass, and away we go!!

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