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There’s an interesting tidbit of information from Jonathan Bernstein at Bloomberg. Do you remember the opinion poll results that say that among those who say they disapprove of the PPACA because it’s “not liberal enough”? As it turns out very, very few them support a single-payer system or public option.

Here’s the nugget:

The majorities who have formed a negative impression of the law are real, even allowing for a low single-digit percentage who would prefer a single-payer system or a government-run public option.

Apparently, they mean something different than progressives do by “not liberal enough”.

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  • Andy

    Low single digits? Something doesn’t smell right about that. I know single payer isn’t popular, but it’s more popular than that.

  • jan

    This Titanic cartoon expresses the PPACA’s enrollment numbers perfectly.

    The President’s victory lap around the Rose Garden was purely a symbolic photo op. What’s more concerning is the make-up of those reported numbers, and how supportive they will be in attaining the original goals of the PPACA in reducing HC costs and the numbers of the uninsured. So far, early indications show that costs are rising rather than being stemmed, services are being curtailed, previously insured people are being harmed, and the demographics of those 7 million enrollees don’t meet the specs of insurance companies, insuring higher premiums in the future. And then we have other HC shoes that have been delayed, such as employer mandates etc., which can only create more confusion and discontentment to HC consumers in the future.

    Overall, I am beginning to see a rebellious mood starting to ferment in this country. Whether or not this will translate into an election wave, remains to be seen. However, law-abiding patience with government hubris, lies and intrusion into people’s lives is, IMO, waning.

  • Guarneri

    This is impossible, jan. Michael has told us so. Its all bliss and wonderment. Further, steve has informed us its too soon. Why, the damed program just started in earnest last Tuesday morning you know…..

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