So, What Will Happen?

I am becoming lost in the twists, turns, mirrors, and triple lindies. The Brits and Americans express concern that the Syrians abetted by the Russians will use chemical weapons in their campaign to remove the terrorists from Idlib, their last stronghold in Syria. The Syrians and Russians say that the Brits are preparing a false flag chemical attack in Syria and they’ve already found multiple staging areas. I don’t know whom to believe if anyone and if anything happens I don’t know that I’ll know what happened or who did it.

See what I mean by a “triple lindy”?

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  • Ben Wolf Link

    The safest possible assumption would be that the scenario promoted by Bill Kristol, Max Boot and John Bolton is an outright lie.

  • walt moffett Link

    Perfidious Albion is widely accepted on the Middle East, so not bad bit to get out.

    though wonder why the home of Madison Avenue hasn’t been better at the propaganda game

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