Site Update

I have just performed some maintenance tasks I have been putting off for a long time. I have backed up my site and upgraded to the latest supported version of PHP.

Given the age of the site (more than 20 years) backing up was a nailbiter for me as was the version upgrade. Everything seems to be working but you never can tell.

Over the last month or so I have received some feedback of problems posting comments. I am hoping that this upgrade resolves that issue.


One of the problems that has been bedeviling me for some time now seems to have been resolved. I was unable to use some of my blog categories. After the PHP version upgrade I now appear to be able to use categories I could not use before the upgrade. That gives me hope for the comments problem.

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  • PD Shaw Link


  • Got it!

  • steve Link

    One of the things that made me decide I needed to retire is that I got really tired of the IT hassles. The issues never seemed to stop and the IT people live in their own little world. To be fair there were recurrent issues elsewhere but it just wore me out.


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