Saturday Dinner

I don’t recall whether I’ve shared this before but my wife and I have a regular Saturday night ritual. Saturday night is steak night. Every Saturday we have approximately the same dinner: steak, baked potato, and a vegetable dish or salad (occasionally both). We split a small steak, no more than about 4 oz. for each of us, split a baked potato, and I usually prepare some sort of vegetable dish.

Last night’s vegetable dish was green beans and cherry tomatoes. I started by blanching about a half pound of fresh green beans for four minutes, then drained them. I then sauteed about twenty fresh cherry tomatoes in olive oil and garlic until the cherry tomatoes just started to brown and added the green beans, continuing to saute them for about two minutes, then turning the heat off and covering the pan until I was ready to serve. That’s it. It’s simple, delicious, and very pretty, the green beans still bright and the cherry tomatoes adding color.

That and a glass of wine makes for a darned nice dinner.

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