Puppy pictures: Will and Nola at work

As future staff members Will and Nola got an enthusiastic welcome at my wife’s work yesterday. Click on any of the pictures for a larger image.

Nola at workI particularly like this picture because you can see the biscuit marks on Nola’s face in it. I think they’re beautiful.

Will at work

Will is an enormously charming puppy.

Will at work

A nice close-up of him.

Nola at work

It’s really hard to keep your hands off these puppies.

Will and Nola at work

Here’s a picture of both of them. Look how thick Nola’s ears are!

Will at work

He’s certainly having a good time.

Will and Nola asleep

This work is exhausting stuff.

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  • Ann Julien Link

    Thanks for the photos—of course they’ve joined the staff already, obviously! Ann

  • Hahaha… that last one is a riot! 🙂

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