Pro-Immigration or Just Anti-Black?

In the past I have documented how, far from “doing jobs that Americans won’t do”, Mexican and Central American immigrants have actually pushed American workers out of jobs that they were doing both in the southeast and northwest of the country. The New York Times reports that the same is true of the chicken processing plants in the South:

By the end of the 1960s, black workers predominated on the lines.

It was an important win for African-Americans looking for an alternative to housework in wealthy white homes, or for those who had seen fieldwork dry up in an increasingly mechanized agricultural sector.

“The chicken plant,” Dr. Stuesse quoted a civil rights veteran saying, “replaced the cotton field.”

But as American chicken consumption boomed in the 1980s, manufacturers went in search of “cheaper and more exploitable workers,” Dr. Stuesse wrote, chiefly Latin American immigrants.

At the time, the Koch plant in Morton was owned by a local company, B.C. Rogers Poultry, which organized efforts to recruit Hispanics from the Texas border as early as 1977. Soon, the company was operating a sizable effort it called “The Hispanic Project,” bringing in thousands of workers and housing them in trailers.

and when recent immigration raids on those plants resulted in jobs opening up, black workers were eager to take them.

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  • Grey Shambler Link

    Was reading somewhere that Trumps’ spat with Evangelicals boils down to declining Gen Z membership because they don’t like “America First”. They really want to be nice, and are open borders in their hearts.
    I won’t be around to see how that works out for them. My guess is a North American Brazil.

  • My guess is a North American Brazil.

    I’ve been saying that for years.

  • steve Link

    I find this a little hard to believe as I have been told that illegals only come here so they can get welfare and vote for Democrats and it has only been liberals who wanted them here. Business owners, pretty reliably Republicans, wouldn’t really bring in immigrants just to make more money would they? (OK, Trump did, but he has repented and really didnt mean it.) Maybe all business owners are really liberal democrats? Maybe social justice workers have been forcing businesses to hire immigrants?



  • TarsTarkas Link

    As you have noted in the past Jobs that Americans won’t do become jobs Americans will do at the right price. Widespread employment of illegal immigrants has helped keep the price wrong. Lack of enforcement has been a bipartisan problem for decades.

  • Andy Link

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