Plastic, Please

Despite the City of Chicago’s ban on plastic shopping bags which went into force on August 1, my beloved Happy Foods is too small to fall within the ban and we’ll continue to receive plastic bags for the foreseeable future.

At least in our case the ban is foolishness. We reuse our plastic bags, in some cases multiple times. If we no longer receive plastic shopping bags, we’ll need to start buying plastic bags. How is that good for the environment? I’d think it was exactly the opposite.

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  • TastyBits Link

    Does anybody remember why there was a switch from paper to plastic? (Hint: It was environmental.)

  • Ben Wolf Link

    Why wouldn’t you use cloth bags? I’ve had mine for years.

  • I do sometimes bring my own string bags. I’ve been using my old ones for 35 years and my wife has made some gorgeous ones I should take pictures of sometime. However, I don’t always have them with me and when I don’t I get plastic. I take walks with dogs five or more times a day.

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