Paved Road

For the first time in eleven months there is a paved road running in front of my house. My wife’s reaction to the development was to announce that she planned to wash our front windows. It seemed hardly worth it when every passing car or truck stirred up clouds of dust.

It all began when a storm sewer project began on our street in late October 2017. That continued until winter set in and then sat, partially completed, until the weather was good enough to finish the job. When the workers returned in the spring they completed the project, inexplicably sealing the storm drains on the west side of the street in the process.

Following numerous complaints by just about everybody on the street of flooding where there had never been flooding before, the city decided to pull forward another sewer project that was in the plans, do that, and use the opportunity to correct the previous error.

That project started a couple of months ago and yesterday they finished resurfacing our street and we’re no longer living on a gravel road.

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