Nothing Like Us Ever Was

How racially tolerant are the Millennials? Contrary to popular belief and what they themselves believe, not particularly says Sean McElwee at New York:

When it comes to certain surface-level statistics, it’s true that millennials as a group are more racially progressive than their parents. Pew data show they are more likely to support interracial marriage and dating and are more in favor of immigration. Nearly all agree that “everyone should be treated equally, regardless of their race.”

Dig just a few inches deeper, though, and there’s plenty of fodder for pessimism. Just ask Spencer Piston, an assistant professor of political science at Syracuse University. He examined the 2012 American National Election Studies racial stereotype battery, in which survey respondents are asked to rate whites, African-American, Hispanics, and Asians according to how hard-working or intelligent they are, and found something startling: Younger (under-30) whites are just as likely as older ones to view whites as more intelligent and harder-working than African-Americans (among the older cohort, 64 percent felt this way, and among the younger cohort the number was 61 percent — not a statistically significant difference). “White millennials appear to be no less prejudiced than the rest of the white population,” Piston told Science of Us in an email, “at least using this dataset and this measure of prejudice.”

Enormous progress has been made over the last half century but there’s still a long way to go.

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  • TastyBits Link

    Millenial are no different than the worthless hippies that preceded them, but they do seem to bathe more than the filthy hippies. They are tolerant of that which they do not have to tolerate. When they are exposed to minorities in a setting where minorities are the majority, tolerance for other cultures gets tossed out the window.

    White suburban middle class millennials are hilarious around black people who are not their “black friends”.

  • Andy Link

    Not surprising, it’s human nature…

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