Notate Bene

While the words “duck” and “dynasty” may appear in this blog from time to time, I don’t envision their ever appearing together here. Similarly, although “honey” and “boo” may be used in one post or another, that’s about it.

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  • PD Shaw Link


  • PD Shaw Link

    I mean is chicken of the sea, fish or chicken?

  • I thought that “chicken of the sea” was the title awarded to Captain Francesco Schettino.

  • PD Shaw Link

    Wasn’t he also the Captain that declared War on Christmas?

  • steve Link

    You also missed out on that most important Jody Arias story, and I dont think you have ever covered blonde girl is missing/kidnapped and we cant find her stories. If you were planning on retiring and living off of page views you are definitely going to have to change.


  • Andy Link

    This post ensures I will be a loyal reader for the the foreseeable future…

  • Red Barchetta Link

    I think we all have a pulse, therefore we all know what’s going on with the Duck Dynasty thing. Yawn.

    Now I shall return my gaze to the Left’s ever vigilant defenses of Piss Christ and apparent surprise or ignorance of Muslim’s War on Women and murder of homosexuals. Who knew?

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