My Obligatory Superbowl Post

For the first time in nearly a decade I actually watched the Superbowl last night. Congratulations, Packers.

I don’t think that I can improve on Business Insider’s take so I’ll, er, sample it here:

  • Christina Aguilera messed up the lyrics to the National Anthem
  • A bunch of companies spent a lot of money on a lot of not very good ads
  • Except for Chrysler who seemed to impress a lot of people, including Eminem
  • Groupon’s dumb ad just managed to tick everyone off
  • The Black Eyed Peas made heads explode (not in the good way) at halftime
  • And, oh yeah … the Packers won

Video links galore at the linked post.

We gave a young house guest—the daughter of some dear old friends who’s in town to interview for several of the culinary schools here in Chicago. Her reaction was terse: “I’m glad I didn’t waste my money by going to one of their concerts”.

The only ad I found even mildly interesting was the Chrysler ad. However, I also found it problematic. They managed to find a several block area of Detroit that showed off the city’s former glory. Wouldn’t a counter-ad showing the rest of Detroit have told a rather different story? Not that Toyota, Hyundai, or Mercedes-Benz would be tasteless enough to produce one. But it did seem rather desperate.

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  • The BEP were a bit flat but they were much better than The Who from last year.

  • Drew Link

    I actually thought the game was pretty good, although it was not a precision game, what with some errant passes and dropped balls.

    BEP’s? I actually had no clue who they were, and, now, won’t make any attempt to find out.

    The reassuring thing was that the overwhelming attendance was by rich, greedy Republican businessmen, and not all those celebrities I saw on camera, sports stars getting fed popcorn by movie starlets, movie stars and directors, all in their expensive clothes, flown in on private jets and driven in limos to the game. After all, if that was the case, then those celebs would have been contributing to the dreaded global warming, or distracted from working tirelessly for world peace, and the common man. Yeah.

    Thank God we didn’t see that.

  • Brett Link

    In fairness to the Black Eyed Peas, being forced to compress your songs like that can be a bit difficult in terms of performance. I think Fergie sounded okay, although the rest of the group was terrible.

    I agree with Andy – at least they were better than The Who, who looked halfway to fossilization at last year’s half-time.

  • John Link

    Drew, why tack on a poor excuse of a political comment to try and run down the Super Bowl? There is enough of that running around on CNN. It’s too bad people can’t enjoy a football game without making judgmental comments like that. It’s a free country, so far, and comments like that leave one open to rebuttle.
    It would sure be nice to get the marching bands back into the game again. To me, the Black Eyed Peas were not as good, or interesting as I was under the impression of them being. As for the Natiional Anthem being botched, at least she was on key. No excuse for blowing the words, but consider the source.
    It’s great that Green Bay won. How long has it been since they have even been this close? How about a little Cheese with that whine.

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