My Mom’s Birthday, 2012

Today is my mom’s birthday and I didn’t want to let the day get away without posting a picture of her along with a few thoughts.

This is one of the earliest pictures of my mom. She was less than a year old in this picture, all dolled up and ready to go on stage with Dad, as everybody called my grandfather. Her clothes were probably made by my grandmother who, along with being the lead soprano (“The Irish Nightingale”), doubled as costume maker for the troupe. It wasn’t too long after this that my mom was getting her own billing: “Baby Colleen”. I still have her first contract and the first dollar she ever earned working on stage.

She’s been gone three years now. I still miss her keenly. Life is surreal without her.

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  • Just putting together my web presence, trying to do the website data now. That takes time! I love your tribute to your grandmother. Shows great love and memorialization for your grandmother. Yours must be very proud. Gr8fulnirse

  • TastyBits

    @Dave Schuler

    Though belated, you have my condolences. Somebody, possibly my father, once told me that losing the second parent is worse than the first. You are then alone in the world, and a point of reference is gone.

  • My dad’s been gone for more than forty years. I was in my teens when he died and became, almost by definition, an adult overnight (to the extent that I’ve become an adult). I more or less left home, supported myself, sent money to my mom. My relationship with my mom was more that of old friends than of parent-child.

    I’ve never gotten over my dad’s death. It’s just become fuzzier, fewer sharp edges. I suspect that’s what will happen with my mom.

  • That baby looks resigned. “Whatev.”

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