Momos Forever!

There’s a fun article at The Economic Times on the history and development of momos, dumplings that are a staple of Indian street food:

Whether it was invented in Tibet or in Nepal, the Indianisation of the momo is now complete. A food-loving Bengali friend’s only child is named Momo, savvy vendors have inevitably synthesised two extremely popular fastfoods to come up with the tandoori momo, a worthy addition to the expanding fusion genre that includes Chinese chaat, chilli paneer and Szechwan idlis.

I find the author’s suggestion of a Mongolian origin for the dumpling credible. However, it could also be an instance of multiple discovery.

A couple of years ago a restaurant characterizing itself as a “Nepal-Indian” restaurant opened within easy walking distance of my home. In addition to a number of staples of Indian cuisine it offers several different varieties of momos.

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