Life in a Dog Pack: Meeting the Elders

It’s an important moment in any young pup’s life when she meets the elders of the pack for the first time. Here Kara meets Tally, our old lady, in this picture just a few months shy of 16. Will Tally accept her? Reject her? Worse yet, ignore her? Tally has never shown much interest in any of the pups we’ve brought into the house. Her affect has said “Uh, dogs. You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.”

Kara is obviously fascinated by Tally. In all of her young life she’s never seen anything quite like her. She never will again.

Remarkably, Tally actually likes Kara.

I wish this picture were in better focus. It warms my heart to see our oldest and our youngest pack members standing shoulder to shoulder. Kara, Tally has so much to teach you. Pay attention. She’s one of a kind.

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    Well, you’re clearly having a good year, then!

    As for Tally, I’ve seen elders in my family and out perk up when presented with new people. Perhaps that’s the case with Tally.

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