Life in a Dog Pack: Kara Meets the Snow

There is nothing that quite compares with the incredible joy with which a Samoyed greets the snow. It is her element. She was born for it. The cold was so bitter during Kara’s earliest puppyhood that we have every reason to believe that the first time she went out-of-doors was when she came to us.

It may be due to that that Kara’s attitude towards the out-of-doors is different from that of our other Samoyeds. She likes it, of course, but she doesn’t crave it the way our others do. She likes being indoors nearly as well.

The world is so big and I am so small. It doesn’t stand a chance.

Outdoor plumbing in the winter time isn’t as cozy as it sounds.

I’m not sure what she’s going after in this picture.

Everything is so interesting. What is that peeking out through the snow? And is it edible?

It’s always nice to have someone to look up to. Especially when that person has an extremely interesting toy.

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