Laos to Join International Whaling Commission

The International Whaling Commission is set to have a new member, Laos. Laos is landlocked; it has no seacoast whatever.

There’s a perfectly good explanation for this peculiar turn of events. Japan very badly wants to resume whaling operations, Japan is Laos’s largest aid donor, and Japan figures that the more friends it has on the commission, the more likely that will be.

It’s certainly an odd world. Zimbabwe, a pioneer in producing housing for its citizens by bulldozing their homes, is poised to chair the UN’s commission on sustainable development. Belarus is preparing to join the UN’s soon-to-be-discredited council on human rights (which replaced its discredited commission on human rights).

Now Laos is joining the International Whaling Commission. Shiver me timbers!

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  • Cynic.

  • Cynic, innocent rather. Starry eyed naive innocent.

    International talking shops are not to get the “Good Guys” together to talk “good things” as you fools think, it’s to hammer out compromise. Thus Belerus on the commission. Belarus is a state. A member state, it gets its turn. Equality of sovereignty. Simple as that.

    Queer you share with the wooley headed Left this fuzzy idealisation of the world.

  • Or maybe he’s, I dunno, lampooning the Left’s fuzzy idealisation of the world.

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