Kurds Capture American DAESH Fighters

Via Stars and Stripes there has been an important development which appeart to have been seriously neglected by major media outlets. The Kurds have captured two Americans fighting for DAESH in northeastern Syria:

Kurdish-led forces battling Islamic State militants in Syria say they captured five foreign fighters, including an American who once sought to become an English teacher in the jihadi group’s Iraqi capital.

The American, a Texan named Warren Christopher Clark, 34, was one of two reputed U.S. citizens captured in a counterterrorism raid near the Iraqi border, where U.S.-backed forces are continuing to battle a pocket of the terrorists, the Syrian Democratic Forces said in a release on Sunday.

The group of jihadis had been preparing to attack masses of civilians fleeing the area, the SDF said. Also captured were two Pakistani fighters and an Irish man.

Considering the treatment of the Yazidis in Iraqi Kurdistan by DAESH, I think the Kurds have shown enormous forebearance in not executing these two summarily.

The word “treason” has been thrown around a lot lately. That these two are guilty of black letter treason can only be denied on the grounds that the U. S. war in Syria is undeclared, a slender reed. I would hope that the Kurds release these two to the Americans, they are accorded their full rights, and they are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

The significance of this is that presently our best public intelligence is that very few DAESH fighters are Americans, possibly fewer than 100. That they cannot be deprived of citizenship means that they could re-enter the United States freely where they would pose a grave risk of terrorism here.

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  • Gray Shambler Link

    Why would the Kurds even inform U.S? Leverage?

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