It’s Not Protesting

The storming and invasion of the U. S. Capitol is not “protesting” or “demonstrating” or any other acceptable exercise of free speech. It is rioting. It needs to be denounced. President Trump needs to denounce it and tell his supporters that it is over.

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  • Grey Shambler Link

    Been watching CNN all afternoon because wife has the remote control.
    “Rioters “standing around, holding flags. Signs, saying “Jesus Saves “.
    No one has been hurt, disappointed to see Old Joe take full political advantage, there will be no reconciliation if the temporary ruling party lies, using exaggeration and repetition to cement their rule.
    We’re not idiots, Biden fucks around like Clinton lying to get the Black vote.
    We’re not all black.

  • From CNN:

    A woman is in critical condition after being shot in the chest on the Capitol grounds, according to two sources familiar with the matter. The sources could not provide further details on the circumstances of the shooting. Multiple officers have been injured with at least one transported to the hospital, multiple sources tell CNN.
    Smoke grenades were used on the Senate side of the Capitol, as police work to clear the building of rioters. Windows on the west side of the Senate have been broken, and hundreds of officers are amassing on the first floor of the building.

    That sounds somewhat less benign than what you’re describing. Fog of war to be sure but not an entirely peaceful demonstration.

  • Grey Shambler Link

    Shot, no doubt by capital police.
    Hundreds of officers?
    Have you watched CNN?
    The supposed chaos will put you to sleep.
    If this is Biden’s idea of reconciliation, we’re all screwed.

  • PD Shaw Link

    Looks like a lot of people milling around and a bunch of fools who were trying to move back the barricades, exchanging punches with law enforcement. Mob action seems an apt description to the latter. Even those milling about look like they want a souvenir from being forcefully removed at curfew, which probably won’t be entirely peaceful. Arrest as convenient, I’d think.

  • Andy Link

    Yes, it should be condemned. No excuses. Trump and his idiot enablers are the dogs that unintentionally caught the car. Yeah, they never meant for this to happen, but they played with fire, were too dumb to assess the risks and they deserve scorn for their stupidity and lack of spine and principles which resulted in this.

    The lack of preparation and security at the capital is also shocking. If an unruly mob can so easily take over the entire capital, what’s to stop a well-trained and armed team intent on killing or hostage-taking.

    I think it’s quite likely Trump will be the first President in history to be impeached twice. I doubt the Senate will remove him, but what a shit-show he created, all for his own stupid ego. He deserves the dubious historical distinction.

  • walt moffett Link

    Agree now is the time for Trump to stand on a flat bed and tell them “go home, its over” and Biden et al shut up for a few. However, neither will happen. Get ready for Son of Waco/Ruby Ridge. Blood calls for blood.

  • CuriousOnlooker Link

    I have heard capital police were trying to be restrained today so on a key ritual of the republic the Capitol doesn’t like a military fortress.


    Sounds very much like Pence and McConnell have broken with Trump. In similar circumstances (when Senate Republican leader told Nixon it’s over), Nixon resigned.

  • Andy Link

    “I have heard capital police were trying to be restrained today so on a key ritual of the republic the Capitol doesn’t like a military fortress.”

    I heard that too. Optics and initial restraint are always good, but you’ve got to have a plan B in case things go south. It doesn’t have to be highly visible wall-to-wall cops in riot gear, but you at least need people on standby to respond if needed. So far this looks like amateur hour.

  • Grey Shambler Link

    Has it occurred to anyone that at the present moment, with his Twitter account blocked, the President of the United States has no avenue or recourse to speak to the American people?
    Just because you favor the coup doesn’t mean that it isn’t a coup.

  • Andy Link

    “Has it occurred to anyone that at the present moment, with his Twitter account blocked, the President of the United States has no avenue or recourse to speak to the American people?”

    How did Presidents manage to communicate in the 200+ years before Twitter was invented?

  • Drew Link

    “The storming and invasion of the U. S. Capitol is not “protesting” or “demonstrating” or any other acceptable exercise of free speech. It is rioting. It needs to be denounced.”

    Of course, Captain Obvious. That’s vapid.

    This is supposedly an analysis blog. The commentary floating around is nauseating and painfully light. Unaddressed:

    Almost unreported, face recognition software has identified Antifa plants – false flaggers – among the protesters. Not surprising given that it was widely predicted, unless you are a slave to NPR, the Atlantic etc.

    The sudden discovery of “our hallowed Democratic principles” (pardon me while I vomit)…………..after spurious traitorous Russian collusion claims and the attendant charade investigations, the deep sixing of FBI malfeasance to protect the protected class, deep sixing of Democrat Party operatives malfeasance, protection of the deep state class. After the obvious election fraud.

    Telling someone you shouldn’t rush the Capitol building is kindergarten analysis. Understanding the deep seated anger at people who feel totally disenfranchised by a political/tech/media – read: self appointed elite – class who need not play by the rules is worthy of further discussion. This trend could be the beginning of the end.

  • Grey Shambler Link

    I was unaware of the breach of the Capital and I do condemn that.
    Trump is responsible for encouraging violence that occurred, UNLESS, facts reveal otherwise.
    Two homemade bombs were found and defused, one near a truck with a store of weapons and ammunition inside.
    We’ll see who those are eventually traced back to.

    Drew’s point makes me wonder,
    where were the counter protesters? Anti Fa? Absent?
    That’s unlike them. Were they covert?
    During the BLM protests/riots, security footage has shown the black clad instigators breaking glass first before others began to loot. Once entry is gained, fools rush in.

  • bob sykes Link

    A number of the people who broke into the Capitol Building also participated in the Antifa riot in June. The big guy in the fake Viking horned helmet with no underwear and the body tats is a case in point. The actual invasion looks like a false flag operation.

    However, Trump failed in his duties badly. Whatever political career he might have had, even as a commentator, is finished. He did prevent the monster Hilary from gaining office; he put in place many, many judges, who if not actual conservatives are at least not communists and lunatics; he demonstrated the reality of the Deep State and the subservience of the Presidency to it.

    The Democrats how have complete control of the federal government, and all the delusions of their communist wing are in play. If the the communists set the policies of the Biden administration, we will get an actual police state and a failed economy.

  • Larry Link

    Holy Crap, There was a time when I had a great deal of respect for those who commented here, I no longer feel this way. Good luck to you all. There is no conversation here any longer.

  • For the last, what, seven months we have the media and some Democrats, if only by their silence and inaction, telling people that disorderly conduct (at the least) was perfectly fine when they’re upset. Now the same people are outraged that people are engaging in disorderly conduct (at the least) because they’re upset.

    I have been consistent on this. I condemned the violence in Minneapolis, Portland, Chicago, and elsewhere and I condemn it in Washington, DC. I care about both means and ends. I also understand that slippery slopes actually do happen and the way to avoid sliding down that slope is not to start. Far too many people are not consistent about it, caring only about the ends.

  • Andy Link

    Bob, the Viking guy has been identified. He’s not Antifa. There are published pictures of him shaking guiliani’s hand, hanging out with OANN folks and attending Q-Con. He’s a Qanon guy. His name is Jacob Chansley if you want to look for yourself.

    Antifa is primarily an anarchist organization. I wouldn’t be surprised to find find some of them were participants in this. That doesn’t magically make it a false flag.

  • CuriousOnlooker Link

    In the grand schemes of things; “occupying” a legislature has happened in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Ukraine. Taiwan is a vibrant democracy; so it is not a mark of decline; it is a mark that society is deeply divided.

    What isn’t good is the President seemingly egging on the crowd to the capitol. Even if he has vehement disagreements with other branches; he cannot look like he is physically intimidating them.

    And yes; multiple Republicans as well have been consistent about this too. Sen Cotton was pilloried for his op-Ed to bring in the troops to stop the disorder in the summer; condemned the riots yesterday. Before things happened; Cotton states Congress cannot do what Trump was asking and why asking is foolishness.

  • Grey Shambler Link

    Capitol security was inadequate, especially in light of the recent Iranian threat.

  • PD Shaw Link

    If “occupying” a legislature is broad enough to include hundreds of armed men blocking the doors to the Capitol unless they receive money, then it happened in this nation in 1783.

    I pointed out to my daughter last night, the reason the U.S. capital was moved to DC was to get away from mobs and the reason the capital of Canada was moved to Ottawa was to get away from Americans.

  • steve Link

    What is new here is that we have a president egging everything on. That has not happened before.

    Antifa plants? Could be, but they look to be mostly false. As Andy notes when they make claims about specific people they are turning out to be Trump supporters, but it is a good way to avoid responsibility for the event.

    Overall, I think people have a right to protest. I think hat falls under free speech and I fully support that. There is always the risk in large groups of angry people that someone crossed boundaries. So just based upon what actually happened, I would say this was bad but not awful. Nothing like the demonstrations of the 60s. However, what makes this worrisome is that it was supported and instilled by POTUS.

    As an aside, how do we see this as something other than a giant temper tantrum? The GOP has held the presidency 24 of the last 40 years so it is not as if Republicans have not been winning. Do they really expect to win every election? Are they totally oblivious to the split in our politics which leaves us pretty evenly divided?


  • steve Link

    PD- Is Canada still building that wall to keep Americans out?


  • CuriousOnlooker Link

    This is going to be accused of both-siderism or what-aboutism.

    But back in June when protestors tried to breach the Whitehouse barricades and sent the President into the White House bunker, egged on by the DC Mayor and other democratic politicians; that too was unprecedented. Or when the Portland Federal Courthouse was repeatedly targeted for arson by protestors; and the protestors were excused by the mayor and governor instead of calling it insurrection, that too was unprecedented.

    Dave has it right, avoid sliding down that slope.

    Unfortunately, that would require self-introspection across the whole political class and much of the media — as well taint to what Democrats think was a key ingredient to their success in 2020; so not going to happen.

  • CuriousOnlooker Link

    PD — Your statement about the Canadian capital is too American centric. Ottawa was chosen more because it is on the border between Ontario/Quebec, the main English speaking and French speaking provinces. It is also halfway between Toronto/Montreal, the main English / French speaking cities and more importantly, not either one of them.

    The English/French language divide drives Canadian politics in a way that non-Canadians under-appreciate.

  • Grey Shambler Link

    Holy Crap!

    I wouldn’t slam a screen door that hard!

  • PD Shaw Link

    @CuriousOnlooker, yeah, I realize its a simplification, but part of this take was inspired by a blog post from a Canadian at the former Winds of Change blog, whom I recall in a mostly in a tongue-and-cheek fashion complained that Ottawa was an unpleasant location for the Capital and that Americans don’t know their history of filibustering and invasions.

  • steve Link

    Protestors invading state capitals doesnt seem that unusual. We had armed protestors in the Michigan capital recently. Lots of other incidents including the famous Black Panthers with guns in California that lead the NRA to oppose gun rights, for some people.

    I thought PD was trying to be funny. (Which he is actually pretty good at.)


  • CuriousOnlooker Link

    In case it isn’t clear. I had a chuckle myself about PD’s Ottawa comment.

    My non-Ottawa comment wasn’t a response to PD’s comment…

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