Is It Just Me?

Is it just me or have the opinion pieces (editorials, op-eds, blog postsl, etc.) of today become incredibly boring and repetitive? As I’ve pointed out before a lot of blogging is reaction and it’s hard to post when there’s so little to which to react. If it were August, I could understand it.

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  • Drew Link

    What us your definition of “today?”

    This month. The last year. The last five years?

  • Grey Shambler Link

    Well, with Trump theater temporarily closed and the Woke Progressive Biden puppet theater too professionally hot to touch, what’s left?
    Would you like to pen a story about the President and his son’s financial dealings? I mean if you’re mortgage payments depended on avoiding stories that look like there’s meat there but your friends and employers warn are off limits, no go zones?
    So what have the pundits turned to?
    Stories of personal tragedy and murder.
    They sell personal misery as shamelessly as they were selling soap, in installments, each day new developments, stay tuned.
    If you want to write or read about the important issues of the day, you’re a crank and a conspiracy theorist.
    But if you say Border Control Officers on horseback used whips on blacks, it’s truth, whips or no whips.

  • I think the last month has been incredibly dry. but you’re right the last five years have been pretty repetitive. Once you’ve written “Trump is bad” repeating it on a daily basis doesn’t add very much.

  • steve Link

    Trump lied was repetitive, but it was also true. All of politics is repetitive. We argue about tax rates, immigration, budgets, foreign policy over and over. Nature of the beast.


  • CuriousOnlooker Link

    The calm before the storm?

    In Europe; Germany is about to elect a new Chancellor, odds are like it will be from the SPD, heralding a major shift.

    The earnings reports from FedEx, Nike, Costco suggest the supply chain/inflation story is entering a much more visible stage; just in time for the holidays.

    Congress is about to enter crunch time for the year; bipartisan, partisan bills, budget for FY22, debt limits; it’s all there.

  • steve Link

    Menzie did a summation of some market numbers. It looks like the markets, in his analysis expect inflation to slow and markets arent especially concerned about the debt ceiling. I am actually a tad more concerned about it. In the past debt ceiling arguments have just been performance art. We are paying back what we already spent. Both sides knew that. However, we now have a number of radicals in office. They might be willing to harm the economy and workers just to try to prove some point.


  • I don’t think that today’s extremists are posturing—I think they’re actually extreme.

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