I Don’t Know About Chicago

Sometimes I don’t know whether to laugh to to cry about Chicago:

Two summers ago a home invasion by gang members on the city’s South Side went wrong when one of the robbers shot another one in the back of the head, according to Chicago police. Sixteen-year-old Douglas Bufford was killed, and 19-year-old Jermalle Brown was charged with first-degree murder. His trial begins on Aug. 15, and it may attract more attention than usual in a city plagued by violent crime, just as his arrest did. Why? Because at the time of the shooting, Douglas Bufford and Jermalle Brown were also on the Illinois state payroll, earning $8.50 an hour to hand out antiviolence pamphlets.

Remember: when you pay a thug not to hurt you or destroy your property, it’s extortion. When you pay a thug to distribute pamphlets, it’s an antiviolence program.

More gallows humor:

Down the grant chain, there was little more accountability. Benton Cook, who led two NRI programs, to the tune of $4.15 million, for the Chicago Area Project, had a felony record for writing bad checks in Tennessee, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. He was paid $146,000 over two years as a program coordinator at the Chicago Area Project—a social-services organization for preventing juvenile delinquency that was selected as a recipient of NRI funds despite owing the state more than $200,000 for a failed summer-jobs program in 2008.

Other NRI expenses included hiring a petting zoo and ponies for an event and a $1,000 golf outing, according to the state audit report. One organization used NRI funds to pay back taxes from four years earlier, the investigators found. Work programs—including the one that hired Jermalle Brown and Douglas Bufford—paid young people to distribute antiviolence pamphlets promoting, among other activities, striving for “inner peace” and attending yoga classes.

Project Hope, another recipient of NRI funds, was supposed to help young ex-inmates avoid recidivism. But the Sun-Times found that the nonprofit was operating out of a day-care center in a suburb of Chicago other than the community the grant was supposed to serve. Nor could the organization show what it had done with its $15,770 grant, according to the paper.

Of course, the Neighborhood Recovery Initiative’s $54.5 million does come from tax revenues but it’s chump change. You’ve got to wonder about the untold (and unaudited) billions that are flowing from the pockets of Illinois citizens into who knows whose pockets.

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  • TastyBits

    … but it’s chump change …

    I thought the same thing, but if you are not from an area where the corruption is public, you probably made a few people’s head explode.

    Their politicians are corrupt, but when they get caught, the sums are usually substantially larger. They are the dishonest crooks.

    Our crooks are honest. They just skim a little off the top.

  • ...

    And yet, in Barack Obama’s America I am deemed completely unemployable, even to clean toilets. Maybe if I murder a few people I can get on a government payroll somewhere….

  • Guarneri

    Let’s look on the bright side. At least the place is run by the “more highly evolved” of our species: democrats. Just ask our resident author.

  • I’m better. How y’all?

  • TB, like that $500, 000 Nagin’s been convicted for? We do it up big in Louisiana.

    Hell, the secretary of the big First Baptist Church in Natchez stole $700,000.

  • Shameless folk.

  • Dayum! William Jefferson kept $80,000 in his home freezer, alongside the ground beef.

  • You gotta love LA. The women are beautiful, the men will charm your stockings right off, the food and the music are great, and the entertainment is superb.

  • Sh*t! Y’all Chicagoans cain’t even do corruption right.

  • TastyBits

    @Janis Gore

    Ray Nagin was not from one of the New Orleans political families or organizations, and he did not know how things were done. He was just greedy.

    When you get powerful enough, you change the rules, and it is no longer corruption. You can then steal everything you want, and the naive idiots will justify it.

  • Sugar, that’s how we do things down heah!

  • So what kind of pretty underwear does your sweet wife have on tonight?

    I never screw with South Louisiana boys. That’s killin’ time

  • Ms. TB, I might be crazier than hell, but my wits are straight.

  • This self-preservation business do work.

  • I’m not kidding. These women will kill a squirrel in a heartbeat, skin it, and serve it’s brains for dinner. With dumplings.

  • I try to keep out of range.

  • jan

    Chicago, Detroit —- both legacies of liberal democratic policies.

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