Good and Hard

As I read William Galston’s WSJ column on what he perceives as fickle U. S. public opinion on foreign policy and how when the American people get what they wanted they don’t want it any more, I was left with questions.

For example, is there really a Russian invasion of Ukraine and how do we know? Is the present government in Ukraine really worthy of our support? How anti-Russian should we be?

Is the level of force we’re willing to apply in Syria or Iraq adequate to the task of eliminating ISIS/ISIL? Horrifying as the instances of beheadings of Americans by ISIS are, are they reasons for full “boots on the ground” warfare against it? Why not just take the pressure off Assad?

If you don’t like the chaos in Libya and you don’t want to occupy Libya to prevent chaos from occurring, why was removing Qaddafi a good idea?

Those aren’t exhaustive but they were the questions that immediately came to mind.

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  • Ben Wolf

    How and by whom was MH-17 shot down? For some reason, following Russian release of sattelite, radar and air traffic control data on live international television, the U.S., E.U. and english-language press have fallen virtually silent on the topic.

    If Russia has invaded Ukraine, how is it Kiev’s forces are still engaged? A real invasion would, within twenty-four hours, have collapsed the small, poorly trained and ill-equipped paramilitary forces the Ukrainian government has relied on as well as its regular forces. I’m fully willing to accept the Kremlin is turning a blind eye to Russian “volunteers” crossing the border ti fight with and arm the seperatists, but the word invasion seems another attempt to engineer an anti-Russian consensus.

  • TastyBits

    @Ben Wolf

    If you are a US citizen, you are a traitor. The delusional hawks have made these determinations, and we must all abide by their fantasies. What are you failing to grasp?

    Propaganda is what the other side does. Ukraine only puts forth the truth. Why, Ukraine is about to crush the rebels? It is only a matter of days.

    The delusional hawks conventionally never mention the debt Ukraine is incurring, and the impact this is having on their economy. Once they are finished with the Ukranians, they will be tossed aside like a cheap whore.

  • Ben Wolf


    Shhhh. I’m feigning ignorance in a bid at socratic irony.

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