Getting the Band Back Together

The editors of the Washington Post are enthusiastic about the foreign policy and security team Joe Biden is assemblng:

PRESIDENT-ELECT Joe Biden’s choices for his national security team will please those who hope, as we do, that he will quickly replace President Trump’s chauvinist and self-defeating “America First” policies with a return to liberal internationalism, with its focus on building and leading alliances and promoting democratic values. But the nominations also ought to encourage anyone who values experience, expertise, integrity and fundamental competence in U.S. government leaders.


The nominations could be portrayed as the return of a foreign policy establishment that led the United States to failure in the Middle East and elsewhere. But Mr. Biden’s team has reflected deeply on the shortcomings of the Obama administration and the ways in which the world has changed in the past four years. In an essay published last year, Mr. Sullivan said the United States must reassert its global role, but in new ways: It must fashion “a different kind of leadership, giving others a greater voice along with greater accountability.”

I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, a chance.

I’ll be impressed if they start no new wars or deepen our commitment in present wars, if they can counter the challenges posed by China without doing very much what the Trump Administration has, and if they can rebuild alliances rather than just crafting venues for our notional allies to act as free riders. If they have a plan for increasing wages for U. S. workers and revitalizing the U. S. economy, without tariffs and without controlling our southern border, they should articulate it as quickly as possible.

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  • bob sykes Link

    …”failure in the Middle East” …

    Really? That is one area where he has had unprecedented success. But, is is likely that the WaPo editors have never heard of Israel and the Gulf States.

    Trump’s major failure was to not ever get control of his own staff, the White House, or the Executive Branch, most especially Defense, State, and the intelligence agencies. They blew him off repeatedly, like his groundbreaking agreement with Kim, that Bolton and Pompeo nullified, and his troop withdrawals that the Joint Chiefs and Pentagon civilians vetoed.

    His real successes were no new wars and unequivocal proof of the existence of the Deep State.

  • The failure they’re talking about is that of the foreign policy establishment.

    Actually, they’re being far too kind. The foreign policy establishment whom Biden’s presumed appointees represent have failed everywhere—the Middle East, East Asia, Europe, South and Central America, and Africa. The only real success they can point to is that the European foreign policy establishment said nice things about them. Negotiating some toothless agreements?

  • Grey Shambler Link

    Maybe the transactional approach is actually better than the fantastical:

  • steve Link

    ” like his groundbreaking agreement with Kim”

    There was no agreement with Kim. hat does remind me that one of thence parts about being a Trump fan is that you can believe he has accomplished all kinds of wonderful things, but his staff just hod him back. Reminds me of the time Obama found a cure for cancer, bbuthis staff undercut it.


  • Drew Link

    You don’t have be a statistical whiz to know massive and premeditated fraud occurred. Just honest. I wonder how much of this will hit the major media outlets.

  • steve Link

    The spikes have been covered many times already. If you cherry pick the times just right I guess you can make things look bad but when you look at the entire night the spikes almost equalize for both sides. Then you are still left with the fact that no one has found any actual fraud, a minor detail. Link goes to just one of many articles covering this.


  • Greyshambler Link

    Release the Kraken!

    Extra extra:
    Media mocks spellcheck!
    Rudy’s hair dye!

  • Drew Link

    No they don’t, steve. This article requires some degree of statistical and mathematical sophistication, although not that much. It does require intellectual honesty, more rare than statistical acumen.

    For those familiar with “and” probability (intersectionality), unless you believe in lottery odds……………

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