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This afternoon I was meditating on my own blogroll and it occurred to me to take a quick look at Glenn’s (I wrote a quick script and automated the process—it took only a few minutes).

The following links in InstaPundit’s blogroll are either dead or apparently on hiatus:

Blog Status
AfricaPundit Has not posted for more than a year
Zachary Barbera Has not posted for more than two years
Blaster’s Blog Has not posted in four months
BlogoSFERICS Inactive: current posts are here
The Bloviator Has not posted for more than a year
Moira Breen Inactive: current posts are here
Keith Burgess-Jackson Inactive: current posts are here
Mark Byron Inactive: current posts are here
C. D. Harris Apparently inactive
Frank Cagle Apparently inactive
Cato the Youngest Apparently inactive
Joshua Claybourn Inactive: replacement is group blog
CounterRevolutionary Has not posted for more than two years
Bo Cowgill Apparently inactive
Demosthenes Apparently inactive
Steven Den Beste Inactive: posting on anime and occasionally at RedState
John Ellis Inactive
Amitai Etzioni Inactive
Fried Man Apparently inactive
GedankenPundit Inactive
Andrea Harris Inactive: current posts are here
Hawspipe Inactive
William Hobbs Inactive
Hoosier Review Apparently inactive
Horologium Apparently inactive
Iberian Notes Current posts are here
Kesher Talk Current posts are here
Ken Layne Apparently inactive
Andrew Lloyd Apparently inactive
Loco Parentis Current posts are here
Kieran Lyons Has not posted in nearly one year
Iain Murray Apparently inactive
Charles Murtaugh Apparently inactive
Fredrik Norman Apparently inactive
Oliver & Watson Has not posted in nearly one year
Dawn Olsen Apparently inactive
Bill Peschel Current posts are here
Quare Current posts are here
Milton Rosenberg Current posts are here
Matt Rustler Inactive: may have moved but the page that displays is sufficiently corrupt that it’s hard to tell
Andrea See Apparently inactive
Donald Sensing On hiatus
Arthur Silber Apparently inactive
Lynn Sislo Apparently inactive
SKBubba Inactive: link goes to group blog
SmartGenes Apparently inactive
Sofia Sideshow Apparently inactive
SpinSanity Has not posted in more than one year
Sari Stein On hiatus
Will Warren Has not posted in four years
John Weidner Current posts are here
Wunderkinder Apparently inactive
Matthew Yglesias Current posts are here
Pejman Yousefzadeh Current posts are here
Zogby Blog Has not posted in two years

Now Glenn has 237 some-odd blogs in his blogroll. Of these roughly 55 links are either completely dead, point to something other than blogs, or point to blogs that are on either permanent or extended hiatus. That’s nearly 25% of the total.

Far be it from me to tell Glenn who should or should not be on his blogroll but its current state is sufficiently frustrating that it’s doing nobody any good—particularly the excellent bloggers who are still posting their hearts out but whose links in Glenn’s blogroll are obsolete.

I have two questions:

For N. Z. Bear my question is “How do all these dead links influence the Ecosystem?”

For Glenn my question is “Why don’t you blogroll Van der Leun?”

UPDATE: Pejman’s info has been updated per a comment.

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  • I have a question:

    Why won’t Dave Schuler put me on his blogroll? I wait and watch, watch and wait and still no love from The Eye.

    Here’s something to meditate on:


    If you say the word enough times, it takes over your consciousness and soon you find yourself in a state of divine, or I should say, glittering, enlightenment.

  • Simple oversight, Dan, simple oversight. Corrected.

  • Wow. What a great tool. Could you do that for Donklephant?

  • That’s a two part question, Justin. The first part of the question is that it’s very ad hoc—not generalized or user-friendly. The second part of the question is that, yes, I could. We’re both running WordPress and I understand its innards well enough to do it. I’ve never had the inclination to do it for my tiny blogroll.

    If I get it working well enough for public consumption I’ll send you a copy.

  • As it works out there’s already a plug-in for WordPress that will check for basic reachability here.  The next, more complicated step would be determining the last posting date.  To do that we might need to identify the signatures of the various different blogging programs and find posting dates.

  • Thank you for doing this, Dave. I was blogging at blogoSFERICS for months before Glenn changed his link from “Flyover Country,” and I changed the name again 15 months ago. I’m pretty sure I’ve had a ‘lanche since then too.

    Maybe he needs to hire a blogroll manager.

  • No problem, McGehee. I’ve been quietly validating Glenn’s blogroll for a while now and this is the first time I’ve mentioned it. I’ve emailed Glenn about it so he might just take notice.

  • See what a little begging can get ya?

    In all seriousness, this is the kind of thing (among many, many others) that keeps me coming back to this blog every day.

  • phil Link

    Pejman Yousefzadeh has moved here:

  • Thanks, phil. I’ve updated the table.

  • I have often asked myself, “Self why does Glenn not blogroll Van der Leun?” so I agree with you. Yes I do.

    I could ask him, but I am too proud to link whore. I think.

  • I *was* on a brief hiatus but I’m back and blogging again now.

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