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I’ve just published a foreign policy-related post at Outside the Beltway:

A Flawed Legal Argument

Peter Berkowitz presents what I think is a flawed legal argument in favor of attacking Iran. By the standard he sets out, it’s hard for me to see what attack wouldn’t be legally justified. When you combine articles like Mr. Berkowitz’s with the president’s remarks before AIPAC over the weekend, his clearest statement of his intention to use military force to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons to date, it very much looks to me as though we’ll be in a shootin’ war with Iran very soon.

I predict that some of the comments at OTB will be to the effect that the president is just kidding.

I see nothing in the president’s past behavior to lead me to believe that he’s just kidding and I see nothing in the past behavior of the Islamic Republic of Iran that suggests to me that a war of limited objectives with Iran is possible.

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  • Ben Wolf

    I predict that quite a few self-proclaimed OTB progressives will defend the President’s bellicosity with virtually identical arguments made by neo-cons in support of Gulf War II. No awareness of irony will be evident.

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