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As you may know the members of the Watcher’s Council each nominate one of his or her own posts and one non-Council post for consideration by the whole Council. The complete list of this week’s Council nominations is here. Here’s what the Council members nominated this week.

The Glittering Eye, “Why Haven’t We Captured Osama Bin Laden?”

Oft-asked and here answered. In my submission for this week I point out that there are very good reasons we haven’t captured Osama Bin Laden. It’s not just a matter of applying more resources to the problem.

Dr. Sanity, “FANTASY ENVIRONMENTALISM—Breathing Life Into the Socialist Agenda”

Some time ago I read an observation to the effect that redistribution is not about helping the poor, feminism is not about liberating women, and environmentalism is not about preserving the natural environment: all are devices for upsetting the existing order. Pat Santy notes the lack of scientific method in what should be a scientific question: global warming.

My own concern on the subject is that the proposals on the table are questionable in their effectiveness in stemming global warming (if that is, indeed, an achieveable goal) but there’s significantly less question about their effectiveness in hamstringing the United States.

The Strata-Sphere, “Liberal Contortions to Avoid Blame”

AJ Strata comments on recent revelations of presumably secret anti-terrorist programs by the press. In my own view somewhat more is being made of this than the story deserves but the big newspapers are bringing discredit on themselves by providing what are, ultimately, pretty lame explanations for what they’ve done.

I think the really, truly explanation is that they’re doing it because they can. And because they don’t like Bush.

New World Man, “Lives, Fortunes, and Sacred Honor”

To Matt Barr’s reflection on Independence Day, I’ll respond with a saying of Confucius’s: “If your plan is a 1 year plan, plant rice. If your plan is a 20 year plan, plant trees. If your plan is a 100 year plan, teach children.” Looks like he’s doing the right thing.

ShrinkWrapped, “July 4, 1976”

ShrinkWrapped reminds us of the Israelis’ rescue at Entebbe which occurred 30 years ago yesterday.

Rhymes With Right, “CD22 Precinct Chairs Choose Haigler”

Greg comments on the newspaper coverage of the selection of a replacement for Tom DeLay on the November ballot.

Gates of Vienna, “The Wild, Wild West(ern Europe)”

Dymphna’s submission is a fascinating and (to me, anyway) counterintuitive post comparing the crime rates in various American cities with some French cities and the crime rate in the United States with that of various European countries.

Education Wonks, “Dumbing It On Down”

EdWonk comments on a report that suggests that public schools are improving math and reading scores by neglecting or other subjects or eliminating them altogether.  If you’re going to reward for the test, they’ll teach the test.

Done With Mirrors, “Among the Dead Cities”

Callimachus struggles with the Alliies’ conduct of the war in World War II and our conduct now in an analysis of a book with the post’s title by British philosopher A. C.  Grayling.

I think I differ in a couple of particulars with Grayling and, presumably, with Callimachus.  First, generally ignored in discussions of the bombing of German cities by the Allies is any mention of Russia.  Our bombing of Dresden, Hamburg, and other German cities compelled the Germans to take the pressure off Russian cities and it’s arguably that removal of pressure that won the war in Europe.  And, second, I don’t believe moral perfection or purity is possible in this world.  We choose from the alternatives we have not those we want.  Situational morality?  Not precisely.  I just believe that sins of omission are no more free of blame than sins of commission.

Joshuapundit, “Jew-Hater Bush?!??”

Freedom Fighter examines the record of the Bush Administration in an analysis of a piece by Jon Carroll in the San Francisco Chronicle.  I’m afraid what he’s seeing is that questioning the motives of your opponent seems to be the first refuge of the scoundrel these days.

Right Wing Nut House, “Escaping the Legal and Moral Quagmire of Guantanamo”

Rick Moran examines the difficulties that the detainment facility at Guantanamo faces the United States and the Bush Administration with in the light of the Hamdan decision.  I’ve alway believed that the Administration erred in not engaging in immediate status hearing for those detained (as required by the Geneva Conventions).  And I am categorically opposed to torture (although I don’t define all coercive interrogation as torture).

I do believe that you should either adhere rigorously to the terms of treaties or abrogate them.

None of that seems too far from Rick’s positions.

The Sundries Shack, “Happy Birthday, America (UPDATED with Fruit and a Bonus Lecture from John Kerry, Super American!”

Jimmie Bise wishes the country many happy returns of the day and follows up with a rant on John Kerry which stem’s from the man’s apparent inability to utter a simple declarative sentence.

Well, I’ve decided which posts I’ll be voting for.  Which post would get your vote?

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