As I read more posts on the Mukasey confirmation I’m hearing a set of excuses that are sadly all too familiar. Here’s a quick rundown:

“They got the vapors.”

The Democrats in the Senate are too refined and sensitive for hardball politics.

“We was robbed!”

The mean old Republicans are too tough. This is usually used in tandem with the former excuse.

“Blame it on the dog.”

It’s all X’s fault. In this case substitute one of the six Democratic senators who voted for confirmation for “X”.

I’ve known Democratic and Republican politicians all of my life and I’ve seen little indication that either are lacking in political acumen or toughness or that one party is more willing to play hardball than the other.

What’s more I really don’t understand how any of those explanations explains why voting for more Democrats (or Republicans for that matter) of the stamp of the present crowd would be a good thing. My take is that the outcome is pretty much exactly what the Democrats in the Senate wanted and they’re very skilled at misdirection to make you think otherwise.

The solution IMO is electing a lot fewer career politicians.

If you’ve got more standard excuses, leave ’em in the comments and I’ll update the post.

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