Earliest Human Footprints Outside Africa

Archaeologists have found the oldest human footprints to be discovered outside of Africa, some 800,000 years old in, of all places, Norfolk:

Archaeologists have found the earliest human footprints known outside Africa, at Happisburgh on the Norfolk coast.

Dating back 800,000 years, the prints are thought to have been made by five individuals, including both adults and children.

They were identified by a team of scientists led by the British Museum, Natural History Museum, and Queen Mary University of London, after heavy seas removed beach sands to reveal a series of hollows in the silt at low tide.

Analysis of digital images of these hollows confirmed that they were ancient human footprints, direct evidence of the earliest known humans in northern Europe. In some cases the prints were so clear that the heel, arch, and even toes could be identified.

The archaeologists are surprised that such early humans had the technology to deal with the climate, mild as the British climate was at that time. My guess it that these early Brits were barbecuing. My experience has been that there are no conditions so severe that they would prevent a Brit from barbecuing.

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