Dining in My Neighborhood

One of the things that’s great about living in a city neighborhood is the close proximity of restaurants. Within three blocks of my home there’s a decent Pan Asian restaurant, a Nepalese/Indian restaurant, and a hamburger stand. There’s also a Whole Foods which, if you’re familiar with the chain, you know offers pretty decent prepared food in its salad bar, hot bar, and bakery. It also has a grill and a sort of deli.

Sadly, the Nepalese/Indian restaurant is spotty, ranging from barely adequate down. Still, if I absolutely need an order of momo, it’s just a few steps away.

In addition, within 10 blocks of my house there are two (yes, two) Starbucks, a Subway, two hot dog stands, a Thai restaurant, two Chinese restaurants, a pizza place, an Irish pub that serves pub food, and a tiny but beloved local landmark: the Edgebrook Cafe, recently re-opened under new management.

The location that houses the Nepalese/Indian restaurant appears to be cursed. For many years it was the location of a pretty crummy Chinese restaurant (there were three Chinese restaurants in that same block). After that disappeared it has hosted a terrible Mexican restaurant, a fair joint with an interesting concept (mostly eggrolls, spring rolls, sushi, and tacos), and now the Nepalese/Indian restaurant.

I think that a decent Mexican restaurant could clean up in this neighborhood but, alas, there’s none to be found.


Makes that two pizza places.

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  • TastyBits Link

    I am spoiled by the local restaurants. In many, the specials are off-the-menu dishes that are actually special, and the service is usually outstanding. When I am out-of-town, the dining experience can be frustrating.

  • Red Barchetta Link

    For whatever reason I find Whole Foods prepped food awful. The wife thinks they are great. I do like their fresh fruits and vegetables.

    Just got back from Kiawah Is, via Indy, Nashville, Asheville, Green ville and Charleston. Always ask the locals where to go.

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