Child Migrants

Can someone provide a proposal for handling child migrants at our border with Mexico that is just, merciful, keeps families together, and doesn’t implement open borders? I’m at my wit’s end.

The appeals to emotion seem to ignore that there’s an underlying crime and the crime is being perpetrated by adult migrants (or those who send children across the border alone). Crimes have victims and sometimes the victims are children. I don’t think I’ve ever seen another case in which children are being exploited to excuse crimes.

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  • bob sykes Link

    Close the border, zero immigration, and deport all illegals, including any children born to them. In the interim, while waiting for actual transfer put all illegals and the children born to them in concentration camps.

    You will need to amend the 14th, but do it.

    We already have a large, violent and unassimilable black minority, we don’t need any others.

    Of course, it’s probably too late. History shows that multicultural, multiethnic empires like the USA are only held together by brutal despots, viz. Iraq et al. So Iraq is our future.

  • sam Link

    You seem just fine with brutal despotism.

  • He does raise an interesting question. When does enforcing the law end and “brutal despotism” begin? From the point of view of the lawbreaker all law is brutal despotism.

  • Guarneri Link

    Don’t ask sam to actually deal with thorny issues. Petty name calling is more his speed. Reynolds replacement.

    It’s very, very tough. No one in their right mind wants to harm children. But the blatant exploitation by their parents, politicians and zealots ranks among the most despicable of crimes. Thins requires more thought. I’m not thinking there is an elegant solution…..

  • Take the example of a news report I saw the other day. They interviewed a woman separated from her teenage son at the border. She was Brazilian and said that her husband beat her. I sympathize with the woman’s situation and it’s too bad she and her son were separated but by what stretch of the imagination is she a refugee? There should have been an immediate status hearing and she and her son should have been tossed out.

  • steve Link

    Could we just start with not separating the family? AFAICT the reason for doing this was to discourage people. There are refugees. Some percentage will be legitimate, some not. Expedite hearings, increase the amount of holding, etc, but stop separating families.


  • It’s more complicated than that, steve. How do you know that adult accompanying a child is his mother/father and not her trafficker? Take their word for it? Something between 1 and 2 million people come into the United States legally or illegally every year. Last year about 60,000 people were deemed legitimate asylum seekers by the federal government.. That’s between 3% and 6% of all immigrants, depending. I don’t think you can construct a credible policy for 94% of the immigrants based on the needs of 6% of the immigrants..

  • Guarneri Link

    Well, I think that’s right, Dave. No one wants to be the bad guy in the Brazilian woman story. But we aren’t simply the worlds dumping ground for injustice plagued people. That’s called being a sucker.

    More importantly, no one wants to talk about – as any economist would – the costs to current citizens, or immigrants, of our policies. Who is their advocate? I have no idea whether that 6/94 reference is correct, but with anything even close the point still stands.

  • mike shupp Link

    I’ve a thought. What about making it a lot easier for families and individuals in Mexico and other Latin American states to emigrate legally to the US. Simpler, faster, and cheaper than hiring a coyote to run across the border in the back of a truck?

    Last I heard, someone living in Mexico who wanted to emigrate to the USA legally had ti file a lot of papers, and after doing that, they’d get told it would 150 years for their application to be approved. For some reason, this persuaded a lot of people that if they wanted to enter the US it would have to be illegally.

    I can’t imagine why. I’m sure all you fine folk are equally puzzled.

  • What about making it a lot easier for families and individuals in Mexico and other Latin American states to emigrate legally to the US.

    That’s very much the reason that among the things I’ve suggested has been increasing the number of work visas available to Mexican workers. The number presently issued is unrealistically low.

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