Catching my eye: morning A through Z

Here’s what’s caught my eye this morning:

  • Beldar comments on the Vioxx case which was settled down in his neck of the woods on Friday.
  • There are comments on Benedict XVI’s statement to Muslims from Bloggledygook. Wretchard translates the statement from the original Ecclesiastese.
  • Democracy Arsenal considers the consequences of a failed Iraq in their Monday top ten list this time around.
  • Dennis the Peasant gives us a glimpse of the goings-on at stately Peasant Manor.
  • Econbrowser gives us a short lesson on the economics of oil production and consumption.
  • Eurabian Times has conducted an interview with John R. Bradley, author of Saudi Arabia Exposed. The Blogosphere is producing more genuine citizen journalism like this all the time. Great job, Matt! Bradley brings up several interesting points including the idea that the present borders of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are unlikely to survive the removal of the House of Saud from power there: the north-eastern oil-producing area is Shi’a.
  • India Uncut writes on the iPodding of literature.
  • Juan Cole of Informed Comment presents his plan for changing the U. S. role in Iraq. It’s not completely unreasonable but I think he errs in his tacit assumption that urban terrorism originates in the cities in which it’s practiced or that the Coalition (or the ING) have control over the roads sufficient to interdict terrorists from Anwar province making their way to Baghdad to practice their craft.
  • Compare the story that Col. Thomas Spoehr told Jack Kelly of Irish Pennants with the same story as reported by New York Times reporter Michael Moss.

That’s the lot.

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