Can He Take Advice?

I think that there is no hope whatever that President Trump will take the advice of Bruce Haynes, offered at RealClearPolitics:

Voters who wanted change turn on their television and see and hear disruption, differences and disorder. They interpret this as Trump taking on what they view as distrusted, mossified institutions such as the media, the bureaucracy and the Congress and they say…. “Change, good.” After all, they expected nothing less than to see Trump at odds with the press, partisans on both sides of the aisle, the media, the prevailing culture and even the courts.

Can this persist forever? No. Activity must eventually yield results. Chaos turns to calm, adolescence ages and impulsiveness matures.

There is one thing Trump can do right now to help calm the waters and prepare to tell what he hopes will be a story of success. It is imperative the president appoint a seasoned communications professional to serve as White House Communications Director. Someone he can trust, who will have the respect of the president. Trump has to give them the authority to establish a communications strategy and the staffing and resources to deliver on the White House’s strategic objectives.

I think he’s far more likely to circle the wagons. Is there more to Trump than sound and fury? Or are chaos, adolescence, and impulsiveness as good as it gets? We’re in the process of finding out.

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  • sam

    Hard to see King Stork to changing his plumage.

  • Janis Gore

    Could he hire a seasoned communications director? Could he pay one enough?

    Salaries for Obama White House 2016:

  • steve

    I believe that if he Googles, he should be able to find a director who meets his needs.


  • Janis Gore

    He is going to his people. A rally is scheduled for a hangar in Florida this weekend. And all that implies.

  • Ken Hoop

    “Circle the wagons.”
    If Trump were an effective authoritarian (mush less fascist) he would probably already have, if need be, “common folk” from the working/middle core he won ready to go on the offense against the hard left liberal SJW snowflakes and sophisticates he has angered enough to hit the streets en masse.
    All I hear on the talk shows in this regard is defensive, reactionary
    “well, they don’t have jobs” and (Trumpists) do excuses. Which is
    a losing rationale if you have rocked the Swamp’s Elite boat as much as has Trump.

  • Janis Gore

    Mike Dubke, a media executive is “to be named” according to the Washington Times:

    I wonder if he is on trial this weekend. Trump’s speech at Boeing was on message and looked well-rehearsed. Interesting to see what happens at the rally today.

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