Oh, my. I’m not sure I’m up to taking pictures of my bookshelves and posting them. Only for you, Callimachus. My wife will kill me. I’ll quickly summarize and post a small sample of pictures. Starting in the basement…

In the basement we’ve got eight floor to ceiling bookshelves. Seven are regular three foot wide bookshelves. The seventh is six feet wide. All are full—mostly fantasy, science fiction, mysteries, literature, cookbooks, and professional resources.

On the first floor we’ve got plenty of built-in bookshelves which are now, happily, mostly devoid of books. The books that are there are (in the kitchen) cookbooks and in the living room one shelf and a half of reference materials on opera and music and a half shelf of cookbooks.

Here are seven pictures of our second floor bookshelves.

By my reckoning this accounts for roughly 20% of the total volumes with a small sample of our collections of pattern glass, antique bric-a-brac, and stuffed toys.

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  • oooh, juicy! We’ll analyze you and get back to you with a full report.

  • Best title so far: “Gumpy Son of Spunk.”

  • It’s a boy’s book from the nineteen-teens. Dog sledding. Sequel to Spunk, Leader of the Dog Team.

    I didn’t learn to read in school (they tried but it didn’t take). I taught myself, largely by reading kids’ books from the nineteen-teens (my dad’s).

  • Mrs. G'eye Link

    You’re right!!!!!

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