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Just finished reading The One and Only Ivan. Very touching. Very poignant. Highly recommended. I especially liked the way that Kay gave Ivan a very distinctive and convincing voice.

One thing I objected to: humans are not feeble hunters. Just ask any dog. We never come back empty-handed. After going out hunting we return home, the great Kibble-Beast slung over one shoulder.

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  • michael reynolds

    Thanks, Dave. I’ll have her fix that in the next edition.

    We’re coming to Chicago in June for the official ceremony and would love to manage a drink somewhere. But we also have family in the area, will have our kids with us, and it’s very much a work trip so I suspect she’ll be tightly scheduled. (And of course I’ll have to be carrying her purse.)

  • Would love that and would very much like to meet Kay. Nota bene: we have no objection to children. Even your children 😉

    Mrs. Glittering Eye adds that she can probably bond especially well with them, having recently had braces installed.

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