Book Idea

Here’s a book idea that occurred to me yesterday. A field guide to ordinary household objects after they’ve passed through a dog’s digestive system.

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  • Red Barchetta Link

    How about a field guide to Michael Reynold’s ideas on business and investment after they have been through a dog’s digestive system. Of course, separating the two could be a problem……

    Sorry, man. Hard to resist, and there were no comments.

  • michael reynolds Link

    Speaking of books and investments. Investment so far in my packaging business: maybe 2 grand. (I flew to NYC, coach, stayed a couple days.) Gross: 500k. Minimum profit: 250k. (That’s baked in, could go higher.)

    Let’s see, that’s a payoff of better than 100 to 1. With essentially zero risk. And shockingly little work. Am I right about the math?

    Plus, it turns out I get to pay my “employee” better than any of my competitors do. And I can just keep doing it. Only without needing to risk the 2 grand. Yay me! I’m Drew!

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