If there is a weaker argument against the federal government’s making moves however feeble in the direction of fiscal sanity than that such a transition would cause economic hardship to businesses in the Washington, DC area I don’t know what it is:

The Washington region rose above all other metropolitan areas in 2010 when it came to economic progress. Bolstered by federal hiring and a boost in procurement, the region recorded the nation’s highest net number of jobs gained during a 12-month period as the year came to a close.

But economists are concerned that the momentum may now be threatened as the region’s major industry — the federal government — prepares to face the budget ax. Many in Congress have expressed an interest in slowing federal spending in order to bring the $1 trillion or so deficit in line.

Welcome to the era of government austerity.

What’s next? Pleas to go easy on organized crime because fighting it would reduce the market for pinky rings and armor-plated limos? Sheesh.

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