As Plain As the Nose On Somebody Else’s Face

Obviously, most Americans are ungrateful, racist, partisan hacks incapable of noticing the economic boom that’s as plain as the noses on their faces:

The Battleground Poll of 1,000 likely voters, sponsored by The George Washington University, found that 56 percent believe economic conditions are getting worse or are poor and staying the same. Asked how anxious they are about current economic conditions, 77 percent of likely voters said they’re very or somewhat worried about the economic climate.

At the White House, some of Obama’s top advisers described conditions as decidedly less bleak, expressing optimism about economic progress during the president’s final two years in office, whether a Republican-led Congress collaborates with him or not.

Hasn’t the stock market been booming for the last few months? Doesn’t that prove that the U. S. economy is in fine shape?

Of course, the stock boom could be explained by everyone else’s economies being in even worse shape than ours. I guess that’s thoughtcrime. The world’s tallest midget as it were. Or maybe all of that prosperity just isn’t trickling down to three quarters of Americans. The ingrates. Serves ’em right.

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    I suspect that we simply have the best credit of all the hat salesmen on the desert island. Or that describes our elites, if not all us Fridays.

  • Guarneri Link

    It’s not just that we are doing, in a relative sense, better than some economies. (Practicing what we are doing, only more so). But in an absolute sense it sucks out there.

    The stock market issue has been beaten to death and everyone at this site must surely understand it by now. The only question is why it is cited so positively by those who prefess to care about the vast unwashed.

    Any jobs data has to be disaggregated to understand. The net result is not the headline number but a bunch of mostly piss poor jobs. Further, and I suspected it but only saw it quantified recently, every single net new job since the downturn is concentrated in the fracking states.

    As for spending, it’s really tepid at best. Further, few are aware that the biggest supposed success – auto – is being fueled by subprime borrowing. And now the govt is sanctioning a relaxation in mortgage standards……….and GWB isn’t even in office.

    In short, people know their own personal circumstances, and it’s not the headlines that are being bandied about, as politicians would like one to believe.

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    Yes, drew, people know their own circumstances: and rich, liberal pols are doing well. I guess I don’t feel better about how well they’re doing because I’m a dirty, rotten, rat bastard.

  • Don’t forget ungrateful and racist.

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    I’m a stale, pale male – I took those as givens.

  • jan Link

    IMO, people are dispirited. Whatever “hope and change” that was promised never arrived by most people’s estimations. The rich simply padded their incomes and stock market investments. The poor became more and more government-depended. And, the middle class imploded under the pressure of being caught in the middle of these two classes. Basically, in my lifetime, I have not seen so much frustration and helplessness as there is today.

  • libertyhawk Link

    Of course $ 60 Billion dollars of fed stimulus spending every month, routed through our banks investment desks have nothing to do with our stock market’s phony valuations … and who are the primary beneficial beneficiaries ? Perhaps those attending $ 35,000 per plate dinners …

    Main Street ? Not so much.

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