And Then What?

What I thought was best about Ben Caspit’s column at Al Monitor was that he was thinking about what happens after the conclusion of Israel’s war in Gaza. He suggests three “day after” options:

  • Egypt assumes control of Gaza
  • The Palestinian Authority returns to Gaza
  • Some international organization assumes control of Gaza

All of these options are fantasies. To give you some idea of how fantastical the third option is (besides, as the author notes, that never works) here’s a snippet:

One creative solution being floated is the construction of a huge artificial island off the coast of Gaza.

“It will be cheaper and faster than rebuilding the Gaza Strip itself,” a very senior former security official told Al-Monitor, seeking to promote his brainchild. “There is technology, means and money. Abu Dhabi and Dubai have huge numbers of such artificial islands, which have become hubs of tourism, commerce, housing and infrastructure. It is relatively easy. It is cheap and it will allow everyone to turn over a new leaf. The Gazans will receive a new land with efficient infrastructure. There will no longer be a land border between Israel and Gaza.”

The source warned that any attempt to rebuild Gaza is doomed given the massive underground tunnel network into which everything could collapse.

“The underground city will suck up what is above it. Disaster is yet to come,” the former security official said. “This island could be a pretty good solution.”

I seriously doubt that Egypt will accept the first option. The Israelis don’t want the second option. The “international” option would end up being the status quo ante.

IMO there is only one stable outcome and it’s unacceptable—remove the Jews from Israel in one way or another. A Palestinian state alongside Israel would inevitably be a return to the status quo ante.

His “fantasy island” could actually take place—just not with Gaza’s present population.

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