A Profile in Courage

Here’s something I found last night that I hope that regular readers and commenters here enjoy. It’s a profile that a regular commenter (whose name I will not mention to avoid search engines) has written of his wife.

I’d like to meet that courageous woman.

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  • michael reynolds Link

    Looking at that photo I just had an uncomfortable feeling that my wife may have had a second inspiration for writing about a big gorilla. Really, I could have at least shaved.

    35 years on July 1.

  • Child bride.

    You’ve got us beat. 29 years on June 15. We married late.

  • Andy Link

    That’s a great profile Michael – witty, approachable and honest.

  • sam Link

    Ha. My mother’s maiden name was Applegate, and her first name was Katherine. There the resemblance ends. As for my mother’s childhood, think Yoknapatawpha County and you wouldn’t be far amiss.

    Lovely woman, Michael. Just what series of lies did you tell her?

  • Andy Link

    Coming up on 14 for us, also married late.

  • Ben Wolf Link

    @ Michael

    I see you conveniently left out her central role in Iran-Contra and her trip to Iran in an SR-71 to secure the 1980 election for Ronald Reagan.

    Whitewash all you want, we won’t forget!

  • michael reynolds Link

    I actually told her the truth. I said I’m in trouble, I’m a mess, but I’m interesting and the guy you’re semi-engaged to is weak. (I had surreptitiously read his love letters to her.) You don’t want a guy you can push around, you want an equal. In a terrible lapse of judgment she bought that.

  • steve Link

    24 years. Second marriage. Wonderful tribute. I bet she would rather have those words than jewelry

  • Guarneri Link

    I’m happy for both of you, Michael. And hopefully many more years.

  • Cstanley Link


  • jan Link

    Touching words, Michael. True love only seems to deepen with the years. Your’s appears to be of that much sought after genre. Congratulations!

  • mike shupp Link

    A lovely tribute.

    Good for her, and good for you!

  • Modulo Myself Link

    Really, I could have at least shaved.

    You can’t brag about being a hobo and then look respectable.

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