A New Chapter…

After nearly ten years to the day I have changed web hosts. The declining performance, frequent security breaches (which I attribute to them), repeated suspension of my blog—mostly due to brute force or multi-site attacks on my blog—and complete lack of customer support had become intolerable. Several years back I had identified another web hosting company that used a somewhat different hosting strategy than the “shared server” approach used by my old web host and appeared to have better customer support than my old web host and established a backup site with them.

After several days of transfer, testing, and domain name propagation I think I’ve completed the somewhat stressful transition. I may have missed a few comments during the gap.

I would very much appreciate any reports of performance or site behavior problems. Please leave them in the comments. With any luck my new digs will result in a better experience at The Glittering Eye for everyone.

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  • jan

    I hope the new web host works out for you, Dave. A new ‘anything’ usually presents challenges of adaption in the beginning.

  • Red Barchetta

    Well, Dave. Only 10% of the problems are fixed. Most of those with fixed problems were already happy with the site. It costs 3x as much, and you told us if we liked our moniker we could keep our moniker. All in all, most of us are disgusted with the new situation.

    Now. This is where you tell us things are going as expected.

    nyuk, nyuk, nyuk

  • michael reynolds

    70% of your readers say keep and continue to improve the new set-up. Only 28% want to repeal it and go back to the bad old days.

  • My own experience is that I’m seeing slightly faster page loading speed and enormously improved posting and commenting speed. Which is itself an indication of the problem that I was having.

    I’m just about back where I was before the transition in terms of blog functionality. I think my next step is probably to put some performance improvements in place.

  • TastyBits

    @Dave Schuler

    You lost a comment from @Ben Wolf on the “Optimum Income Inequality” post. His was the third comment.

  • Andy

    Things seem to be working great from here!

  • steve

    Certainly loads faster. Will have to look at it on the phone.


  • jan

    I agree with Steve, that the comments load much faster than before!

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