You’re Kidding Me

Speaking of fools and knaves, does anyone seriously believe that Rahm Emanuel didn’t know about the Laquan McDonald tape or that Richie Daley didn’t know about the torture being carried on by Jon Burge and his minions? Now the same people who voted for them are complaining. IMO there’s a simple solution: stop voting for them!

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  • Drew Link

    Not really sure what your point is. People believe Biden got 570,000 votes to Trump’s 3000 overnight in PA. That a pipe burst in GA halting the count……………..even though, heh, well the count actually wasn’t halted and Biden got a huge vote spike in the dead of night without any poll watchers around. And because GA halted the count, so did other swing states…………. You just gotta believe, man.

    BTW – the earth is flat. Just look around.

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